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Regarding The @SenRandPaul #Filibuster: I’m With @FilmLadd [Updated]

06 March 2013 @ 19:23

I’ve been very hard on him lately, but this must be said: Well done, sir.

UPDATE at 1945…

-I forgot to mention that the Live Feed from C-SPAN can be found here.

-Jeff Goldstein and many of his commentators are impressed with the Senator’s actions.

-Smitty is affected strongly, as well:

Let this be an important symbolic victory, and let it wake up the sleeping giant to the threat parked within our borders.

– @Miss_Wisconsin makes a very good point:

UPDATE at 2015…

-Twitchy is providing fine coverage.  Do check out these two posts they have published:

= Conservatives applaud Sen. Rand Paul ‘filiblizzard,’ but some wonder where he was on Hagel.

= The power of Twitter: Sen. Ted Cruz reads #StandWithRand tweets during filibuster

A commentator on that post, Peyton Williams remarked:

I’m glad Ted Cruz is standing with Rand instead of Dining with Obama. Those two make quite a team.

Background from Keith Koffler [tip of the fedora to Ladd Ehlinger]:

Meanwhile, a formerly diffident Obama is now ringing up Republicans and asking for dates.

He’ll have a cozy dinner tonight at Washington’s cozy Jefferson Hotel with a handful of Republicans he thinks he can woo on issues like immigration, including Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Rob Portman of Ohio, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and John Hoeven of North Dakota, according to reports.

UPDATE at 2031…

-In addition to ageeing with Ladd, I also agree with SooperMexican:

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    06 March 2013 @ 22:29 22:29

    From time to time, the cat remembers it is related to the lion and must roar.


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