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The Working Majority

26 February 2013 @ 09:45

In a comment left on a post by Stacy McCain, Adjoran sums up the situation in America with dead-on accuracy.

Stacy’s post concerned the discovery that an Obama-affliated group had been employing spam-bots to send pro-gun control Tweets to members of the Congress.


They didn’t even really try to organize a legitimate protest, they must have known by polling it wouldn’t fly. But it is shocking how blatant they are now. So transparent, so easily discovered.

America has proven itself a big fat sucker, willing to believe the full gamut of Obama lies. The media seconds the lies, and 40 years of federal control of public education and the university have resulted in an electorate too stupid to think for themselves.

The coalition of the gullible, the parasites, the corrupt, and the anti-American ideologues now constitutes a working majority.

So true and so Goddamn depressing.

But, this is the situation we face in our war to restore our freedoms and liberties.

One can take a small measure of solace in the fact that what we face is quite similar to what The Founders confronted: most historians agree that back then one third of the Colonists were loyal to Britain, one third committed to Independence, and one third didn’t want to get involved, which meant they leaned towards the Redcoats.

One big difference between 1776 and now is that the Tyrannical government we oppose is right here in our midst and is much more determined to destroy us because, unlike the English, they despise everything The United States stands for.

They are Americans only legally and, as we well know, that is not enough in this country. You have to be an American in your soul to be a True American. You have to be committed to preserving, protecting, and defend The Constitution Of The United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and believe in the spirit that animates The Declaration Of Independence.

The hard truth is this: Most of our fellow American citizens are against us — some want us to shut-up and go away, some want to either enslave us or destroy us.

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