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2014 And 2016: Who Cares

25 February 2013 @ 14:19

Over at The Other McCain, Stacy McCain has published a post on Politico’s latest article on Hillary Clinton possibly running in 2016 and having a clear field.

A highlight:

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is almost 100 percent certain to run and is already assembling his 2016 presidential campaign. Republicans should not make the mistake, as many did in the lead-up to 2008, of basing their entire plan on beating Hillary.

Stacy’s short set of remarks had led to a lively discussion in the Comments section on the next two elections for the Congress and the Presidency in three-plus years. Do take the time to check it out by clicking here.

Pardon me while I rain all over this parade…

I don’t really care about those elections for the Congress in 2014 and 2016, and the Presidency in the latter.

The national government is beyond hope.

Let’s say we maintain the control of the House and gain it in the Senate and then in 2016 elect a President. Will any of them do what it takes to really make things right? Will they weed-out and fire all of the subversive bureaucrats who infest every nook and cranny of the Federal Leviathan? Because that’s what it would take.

I just don’t see it happening. The national government has grown too large and has been so thoroughly infected with Bureaucratitis and Lefticus Thinkicus that the patient must be declared terminal. Heck, if I were on a Death Panel, I’d refuse authorization for treatment.

Any hope we have lies in taking control in several of the Several States and mounting a federalist resistance to the Left.

So don’t waste your time on the national government because time is running out.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    25 February 2013 @ 14:22 14:22

    I’d just like for the execrable Mark Dayton to get run out of the state. He’s a politician who thinks voters are an annoyance in politics.

  2. 25 February 2013 @ 20:50 20:50

    Codevilla is spot on again! With Carson calling for a “Logic Party” and Levin a breath away from calling for formation of a Conservative Party, we are in great danger.

    I disagree with you only in degree, not kind. It isn’t that we are running out of time, we are out of time. The only way things had any chance of being pulled out of the garbage Grinder was Mittens getting elected and following his inauguration with a series of EOs closing down the unconstitutional parts of FedGov. Given that 95%+ of FedGov is not authorized in the constitution that would be a pretty good series of EOs.

    However, the chances of Mittens doing something so out of character for a Mandarin were about the same as Satan spending eternity in Heaven. The US is finished. It was decent run, with a few exceptions like Lincoln’s radical administration, but on the whole a good one.


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