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Christie Creams

21 February 2013 @ 08:09

From The Washington Examiner, Charles Spiering reporting, we learn:

Gov. Chris Christie R-N.J. now soars to a 74 percent approval rating [in New Jersey], according to a new Quinnipiac University survey.

The New Jersey governor sets the record for the highest approval rating of any New Jersey governor in 17 years.

Democrats approve of the Republican governor 56 – 38 percent.

What can you say, but: if this poll is true [and all must be doubted] then the people of New Jersey have decided, obviously, to live up to their low reputation.

I heard this story as I was driving this morning and, for some reason, the song Mongoloid by Devo entered my brain.

I found myself altering the lyrics to fit the elephantine Governor and this is the result [with apologies to the Preparation H folks]:

Hem-or-rhoid he was a hemorrhoid

Crappier than you and me

Hemorrhoid he was a RINO fraud

And it determined what he could see

Hemorrhoid he was a hemorrhoid

One Krispy Kreme too many

Hemorrhoid he was a closet Prog

And it determined what he could see

And he wore the fat

And he had a job

And he brought home the bacon

So that no one knew…


Hemorrhoid he was a demagogue

Repubs were unaware

Hemorrhoid he was a hemorrhoid

New Jersey doesn’t care

Apparently not.

  1. 21 February 2013 @ 20:37 20:37

    “Democrats approve of the Republican governor 56 – 38 percent”

    Hey that’s great news !!

    According to mushy RINOs, that’s the type of “Inclusion” and “Bipartisanship” we need to have a Republican elected.

    Karl Rove, not available for comment,

    • 21 February 2013 @ 22:13 22:13

      Hey, that’s just grand. I don’t want to hear from Rove anywayz. If I never hear from Rove it will be too soon. I wish we had a law like New Texas in H. Beam Piper’s duology with 4 Day Planet. Politicians, as defined by the law, are liable to instant assassination without recourse. You could be shot for merely proposing higher taxes.

      Of course, we all know there are people that just need killing. Everyone that I know of is a politician. I had personal acquaintance with a few in the past, but they reformed.

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