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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

19 February 2013 @ 19:40

…is awarded to James Soviero of The Independent Sentinel for comparing and contrasting the treatments meted-out to three U.S. Presidents [George W. Bush on the morning of 11 September 2001, Richard Nixon in 1973, and Obama on 11 September 2012] and thereby showing the high hypocrisy of the MSM [tip of the fedora to William Jacobson]:

There’s no evidence President Bush’s very public extra 420 seconds in a Florida classroom changed an already tragic day for the worse or cost more American lives. Very soon after the attacks Bush made clear statements and began taking decisive, effective actions against the terrorists, yet derision over those few moments continued. President Nixon’s missing 18½ minutes of tape caused no great loss in U.S. lives or treasure. There was a bungled political break-in followed by a botched coverup….but the whole senseless affair forced the historic resignation of Richard Nixon.

By comparison, unaccounted for are the: 27,000 seconds/450 minutes/7 ½ hours of President Obama’s movements during a deadly, preplanned, terrorist onslaught. There are no unflattering images of say, Obama sleeping. There are no intrepid reporters (i.e. Woodward/Bernstein) investigating what the Commander in Chief was doing and when he was doing it. There are no late night comedians using this inexplicable “gap” as fodder for searing monologues.

Four, brave men slaughtered under President Obama’s detached watch, and he remains immune to anything like the political consequences suffered by predecessors Bush and Nixon….


Presidents Bush and Nixon were, as Mr. Soviero writes, subject to ‘scorn and ridicule’ and ‘great skepticism’, respectively, while the MSM has enveloped Obama in a shield wall of protection from Republican members of the Congress, reporters and analysts in the New Media, and the American People.

Nothing will be effectively done by the GOP to hold Obama accountable for any aspect of the Benghazi Affair.  The Left, of course, will continue to protect their chosen one.  A good portion of the American People will blithely continue in their cultivated ignorance.  Only the freedom- and liberty-loving Americans will suffer another pang to their already strained souls.

  1. 19 February 2013 @ 19:58 19:58

    Obama wears the “cone of silence” when it comes to his screw-ups. And truth be told, this administration acts much like Maxwell “not so” Smart.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    20 February 2013 @ 02:04 02:04

    Anyone but Mr. Obama would have been removed from office with extreme predjuice over Benghazi. It shows a basic lack of understanding of the purpose of government.

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