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Answer: Because They’ll Be Taken Care Of

18 February 2013 @ 20:12

QUESTION: Why do so many Democrats, who know their vote in favor of some radical Leftist bill will possibly lead to their defeat in their next election, still go ahead and do it?

The best explanation I’ve read or heard has just been provided by commentator geoffb over at Protein Wisdom:

Of course you can attempt to vote them out of office or recall them but these measures even if they succeed aren’t going to influence their vote right now.

The Democrats have a whole support network of Universities, Foundations, non-profits, government bureaucracies, activist groups who will always find a nice good paying position for those who have sacrificed their political career for the cause.

It makes their guys threat-proof. They know full well that as long as they toe the Party line they will never go hungry and always get the invites to the best parties for their spouses. They just have to always vote the way the Party bosses tell them too.

And when their vote is not crucial they will be allowed to make a stand that can be used to convince the bitter clingers that they really, really are conservative.

This is also why they seem so dumb. They are, and are recruited for it. Smart guys might just slip the leash because they figure they can make it without the Party. That type isn’t usefully idiotic enough.

Dead solid perfect.

But, a question arises geoff: are they dumber than Garry McCarthy?

  1. White Tiger permalink
    19 February 2013 @ 03:18 03:18

    It just shores up my theory that the right cannot win this fight.

    The only way we “win” is if the entire system is exposed and repudiated. Since the last popular leftist (FDR) took us down a 40 year road until it became clear something else needed to be tried.

    our current starting point is too far to the left for any relevant correlation to be drawn from that obvious conclusion. I am beginning to see that we are seeking political answers to more fundamental, spiritual; is man really capable of ruling himself?

    I’m afraid we are headed for an unrecoverable crash – economic, political, and spiritual…but before we get there…a lot of turmoil will be endured by ALL of us as we run out of other people’s money to spend…and we’re the last phat wallet on the planet.

    It will pain me to see the unsuspecting masses finally figure it out here…because I will only be a few steps behind the fools in that same soup line.

    The question for me is: how long will the transition phase last? …how much “pain” will we have to suffer before we will ALL accept whatever “remedy” our elites have been cooking up since they kicked this into overdrive.

    …are YOU ready? If not, what will it take you to get ready?


  2. 19 February 2013 @ 13:17 13:17

    White Tiger, I don’t know that we can prepare. What is on the horizon has never been endured before and we are in truly uncharted territory. There has never been a currency used as a reserve currency, although the Pound Sterling was nearly as good as gold, international exchange was still via Gold at the height of the British Imperium. As a result, there was serious pressure to keep yourself under control so you could trade internationally. With the death of teh Bretton Woods system in the early 70s, there has been no self control by any country and the entire world stands on the economic brink.

    being a Christian, and firmly convinced that scripture has prophecied the result of what we are seeing, I think the US will break apart and then the rest of the world will really get wild without our stabilizing influence. That it could have been avoided is the greatest sin of teh low info voter who is thinking only of what’s best for himself. They even forgot their grandkids in the process.

  3. WhiteTiger permalink
    19 February 2013 @ 15:30 15:30

    Quartermaster – I understand your position…however, we are called to prepare. We have to be of two minds, knowing the system is being forcibly collapsed (from the inside) means we can at least ready ourselves for the transition. America has been the lone holdout to the brave new world…but even we’re on our way now.

    Even if this isn’t the end of the book, it’s still going to be a rough chapter. Any transition to another phase will be temporary – even the government thinks so – that’s why they’re own COG (Continuity of Government) program has stores set aside for a specific period of time. The system will crash, there is simply no way to debase your monetary instrument like we have and plan for it to recover…we’re headed towards something else…and what we need to do is stop crying and start preparing our communities for this. The time for warning the residents that a flood is coming is over, now its time for readying the supplies to care for and develop our communities to become as self-reliant as possible.

    At the same time, prepare spritually – because when the bottom does finally drop out – “the fields will definitely be ripe for harvest”

    That is….for a season…

  4. 20 February 2013 @ 13:09 13:09

    White Tiger, we’re talking past each other because we didn’t where the other was coming from. Spiritually, I’m prepared as I can get. There are bad times on the horizon and God allows them so the salvation message can got forward inspite of men do. Here, we seem to agree.

    The economic stuff I don’t think we can prepare for because we really don’t know how. We can stockpile food, for example, but what happens when you can’t hold onto your storage facilit, even if it’s the roof over your head because you have little or no income? A lot of people will find themselves in that position. You and I might be there. In such a case, most of your preps will be gone. 1 year’s food occupies a substantial volume, even if it’s freeze dried. I suspect you may 2-5 years. This doesn’t even deal with the willingness to kill to defend it all. If you can’t kill, you might as well just give it away anyway, because the government is going to go after “hoarders” anyway, making killing to hold it even more problematic. they’re buying all that ammo for good reason, and it is most likely with evil in their minds.

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