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Lee @Stranahan On The Offensive

15 February 2013 @ 08:30

He’s on the offensive against the offensive and deranged cretins who have been harassing him and his family for quite some time.

As Stacy McCain reported last night:

The charge [against Bill Schmalfeldt, aka: LiberalGrouch, aka: OldUncleBastard] is “electronic harassment” (Md. Code Crim. Law §3-805) according to Aaron Walker. The complainant is Lee Stranahan.

Here’s Lee’s statement that he published on his website [I'm posting in in full in case his site is attacked and brought down again]:

My Statement About Criminal Harassment Charges Against Bill Schmalfeldt

For the better part of a year, my family and I have have been under contestant siege from a small group of people who have worked together in a relentless attempt to humiliate, embarrass and inflict emotional stress on us in a clear attempt destroy my professional reputation and to silence my voice. Much of this appears to be related to stories I have written about such as Weinergate, Occupy Wall Street, the media’s handling of the Steubenville rape case and projects I’ve launched like Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

These attacks, however, have gone far beyond the realm of impassioned debate and into the realm of illegal harassment that serves no legitimate legal purpose.

The tactics employed by this small group of people has included releasing our personal information, threats and intimidation, obscene comments about my wife and children, repeated attempts to get me fired, false reports to the police and child protective services and even vulgar conspiracy theories about the death of our daughter Collette last year. These attacks–often hundreds a day–have been both aimed directly at me as well as my employer, work associates, my family and even strangers I spoke to on Twitter or Facebook.

One of the more consistent attackers has been a man named Bill Schmalfeldt in Maryland. Despite being told my the local police that harassment was a crime and despite my repeated requests to stop direct contact with me and to cease his harassment, Mr. Schmalfeldt continued direct communications with me–including numerous private emails–that were intended to alarm and seriously annoy me and family. The attacks by Mr. Schmalfeldt have intensified recently.

As a first step in combatting this assault on my family and career, earlier this week I began criminal proceedings against Mr. Schmalfeldt, some details of which can be found here by doing a search.

Because of the nature of the charges and my position as a writer on national issues, I anticipate the case will gain some degree of exposure. This is criminal matter pending a hearing, so I plan to make little comment about it publicly. Mr. Schmalfeldt, like any defendant, is innocent until proven guilty and should be treated as such.

As far as my work goes, I do not intend to be silenced by this intimidation. I have a lifelong love of the First Amendment. I believe in free speech and vigorous debate. As such, I believe that harassment and intimidation that are in clear violation of existing law actually has a chilling effect on such debate, creating an atmosphere where people are afraid to discuss issues publicly for fear of becoming the victim of unending, vicious personal attacks that are intended to shut people up.

They say that good fences make for good neighbors. In the era of social media, citizen journalism and digital technology that allows people to communicate with the entire world in real time, I believe the issue of how best to define and deal with harassment is a vital one.

I expect the attacks on me and my family by the people who have been attacking will become even more desperate as a result of this legal action. To everyone who watched these attacks for many months now, I want to tell you that your public and private encouragement and kind words has meant a great deal to Lauren and I. I have had a number of supporters who don’t agree with me on issues but who understand when a line has been crossed and have offered words of support.

Thank you.

In another post, Lee asks for some help [I post it here in full for the same reasons mentioned above]:

Please Help: Have Any Of These Twitter Accounts Contacted You?

I am gathering evidence for cases like the current criminal complaint against Bill Schmalfeldt aka LiberalGrouch

Have you ever been contacted by any of the following Twitter accounts, who contacted you to give you information about me?

Were you contacted out of the blue, after talking to me on Twitter?

Did they send you links, photos or disparaging comments about me or my family?

Accounts Who May Have Contacted You


If so, please send me a quick email to me at with a short description.

Lawyer Aaron Walker provides an exhaustive legal analysis of Lee’s case and Maryland statute here.

A highlight:

This is one of those cases where I have known of something happening, dear reader, but I was holding it back. On Tuesday evening, as the President was giving us the SOTU and the Chris Dorner story was coming to its fiery conclusion, I met with John Hoge and Lee Stranahan for dinner. Lee had flown into the area for the purpose of filing charges against Liberal Grouch, a.k.a. Bill Schmalfeldt for ordinary harassment and internet harassment and he did file those charges when we were done eating. I was there to observe and because I had never met Stranahan in real life before.

Of course regular readers are aware of the kind of ugliness that Schmalfeldt has publicly spewed about Lee Stranahan and my friends. Here is where I showed how Occupy Rebellion threatened to reveal where Lee Stranahan lived so his wife could be raped while he was at a political convention, and how Schmalfeldt then carried through on that threat to reveal where Stranahan lived. Here is where Schmalfeldt threatened to sue me for truthfully reporting about his conduct and then offering a negative opinion about it, proving beyond any reasonable doubt that he is an anti-speech thug. Here is where his harassment of Lee Stranahan drove Lee to abandon his home. Here is where he tries to threaten Patterico’s job based on statements he claimed was libelous… after previously admitting they were not. And most recently, here is Schmalfeldt going after Stranahan and his wife, regarding the death of their daughter in childbirth.

So Lee had just about enough at this point and he had made a discovery. There as a very specific law in Maryland that deals with harassment by electronic means. As regular readers know I have written extensively about the law of harassment in Maryland given Brett Kimberlin’s abuse of these laws when obtaining peace orders against me, often using perjured testimony. This statute is virtually the same thing, only with two differences: 1) it is limited to electronic communications directed at another individual and 2) it has a much stiffer sentence.

In a comment on Stacy’s post, John Hoge provides a very interesting tidbit:

I was present when Lee Stranahan filed the charges. The District Court Commissioner could have found that there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed, or forwarded the complaint to the State’s Attorney for investigation, or issued a summons. She not only issued a summons on the misuse of electronic communications charge Mr. Stranahan sought, she added an additional harassment charge under section 3-803.


[If you don't know who John Hoge is: he's the guy who has been relentlessly on the story of Brett Kimberlain, Neal Rauhauser, et. al., publishing information on this Axis Of Evil nearly every, single day.  Do check-in with him daily…and  thank you, John.]

John has posted a review of this week’s events so far in this matter.

Stacy’s incisive analysis of the whole situation and the personalities of the attackers is a must-read.

Kudos to Lee Stranahan for taking the fight to the enemy.

And God Bless Mrs. Stanahan [] for her strength and courage during these very difficult times.


  1. 15 February 2013 @ 09:23 09:23

    God bless all of these courageous warriors. Evil is certainly among us, isn’t it? I will keep all of them and their families in my prayers. Frightening times in America.

  2. 15 February 2013 @ 09:25 09:25

    And Bob, thank you again for all of your help with twitter. My account is still suspended, regardless of what others say. Every time I log onto twitter, that message is posted across the screen. And I still can’t tweet, although it looks as if they have at least restored my followers/following #’s to my profile. Do they restore accounts in stages? Anyway, I see that you’ve been tweeting faithfully to get my account back up and running — thanks again!

  3. 15 February 2013 @ 13:54 13:54

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  4. 17 February 2013 @ 17:04 17:04

    Hopefully, this will be the first hole in the dike, and the rest of those cretins will be brought down as well. Hopefully, Walker will also get his 100 pounds of flesh too.


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