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Restoration, Virtue, And The Several States

13 February 2013 @ 14:22

In commenting on a column by Instapundit, wherein Glenn Reynolds once again advocates for a Constitutional Convention, Jeff Goldstein writes:

For my own part, I’ve resisted such a siren call, my own feeling being that we have a culture so steeped in the idea of positive rights, a political left so bent on adding potential structural defects that they can later exploit to raze the edifice and build on its rubble, and a GOP establishment that matches the passion of left’s ideology with their own doctrinal refusal to stand for anything other than trying to figure out a formula to win elections — having first bracketed out of any potential formula the very first principles that they themselves often reject, either out of some misplaced pragmatism, or out of a neo-statist mentality — and who are given to surrender and bad compromise, that we’d likely come up with a document that is riddled with poison pills and Trojan horses. This is not to say I disagree entirely with Glenn’s position on the usefulness of at least the threat of a Constitutional Convention. My argument merely reflects my own hesitancy, which is born out of several factors, like, eg, the kinds of delegates we’d have sent to a convention by blue states, and their likely unwillingness to compromise.

Personally, I’d like to try state resistance / non- compliance first. Then maybe a massive tax rebellion, where small businesses didn’t automatically withhold taxes and instead set things up so that employees can see the taxes they are paying and refuse to send the government a check to cover what they “owe”. Starve the government of revenue as it were.

Or put another way, I think we’d need first a kind of passive civil war in order to set the parameters for a Convention. That way we can gauge the strength if our hand.

…The government class relies on our impotence, having effectively closed the system, with unelected bureaucrats untouchable by the electorate and protected by civil service contracts issuing regulations that carry with them the force of law, empowering the Executive to legislate in those rare instances where the legislature will not (itself a bit of Kabuki theater, as they nearly always reach a “compromise” after the show of adversarial headbutting).

But the question is, what’s the best strategy to circumvent them? I’m not sure an actual Constitutional Convention is — though the threat of one is certainly promising. Me, I still think a reassertion of state sovereignty — like, eg., what we’re seeing in South Carolina with respect to incremental federal gun grabbing — is the best next step.

The Constitution we have is a magnificent document. As is. It merely needs to be respected and upheld. And that requires that Justices adhere to originalism as an interpretive necessity. That simple change — coupled with the discrediting of the crutch of stare decisis as a kind of self-serving deference to those who really do believe themselves philosopher kings, and treat their predecessors as often unimpeachable members of a select guild — would go a long way toward reversing course.

I agree.

Considering the widespread ignorance of a large swath of the American population [the ‘low information voters’] and the mendacity of the Leftist Masterminds, or the ignorance of their Dupes, such a Convention would result inevitably in the junking of The Constitution — we just don’t have enough people or, more importantly, enough political influence to command the necessary votes to prevent such a trashing.

Do check out the very lively discussion in the Comments section of Jeff’s post.

Any restoration of any or all of the freedoms and liberties left to us as a legacy by The Founding Fathers will fail if such restoration does not include a renewal of Virtue* by enough of the citizens of The United States.

That’s an awfully high mountain to climb, but there are a few – a happy few, a band of brothers [and sisters], as it were – who either possess it or have the ability to acquire it, which is why I think any hope for the survival of The American Experiment lies in several of the Several States.

Those conservatives and Classical Liberals who fall into one of those two categories need to gather in a select group of states and take charge of the governments within in them at all levels. Once this is achieved, we can begin The Restoration.

We are not — repeat not — Revolutionaries, but Outlaws, declared as such and driven into the woods and caves by Tyrants bent on destroying all that is Right and Good. We need to band together spiritually and physically.

If we are mark’d to die, we are enough
To do our country loss; and if to live,
The fewer men, the greater share of honour.
God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more.

Henry V, Act IV, scene iii

*As Serr8d writes: Virtue isn’t inherent, it’s learned.
Either in a strong two-parent  family with parents who
learned it first, or in a religious environment (but I
repeat myself). Democrats (actually the ideological
Leftists  who’ve taken over that Party) overtly hate
religions and religious  expression; and by their policies
of division and ‘welfare’ entitlements cause families to

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  1. bellalu0 permalink
    14 February 2013 @ 09:48 09:48

    I believe our biggest problem lies with the media. There are those citizens who are interested in the country but who make the big mistake of thinking when they tune in to CNN or ABC or others, they are keeping up to date on what is happening in the country. They really do not know they are being fed a crock of propoganda and are being essentially brainwashed. For some reason, these people are extremely hard to reach.

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