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Bob Menendez To Star In Remake

06 February 2013 @ 10:58

TCOTS News has not learned that New Jersey Senator Robert ‘John’ Menendez has been slated to star in a remake of the 1957 non-classic Dean Martin movie Ten Thousand Bedrooms.

The story will be updated from the original in which Dino ['Ray Hunter'] played an American hotel mogul who becomes smitten with a lovely Italian gal [Anna Maria Alberghetti] while he’s buying a hotel in Rome. Hilarity ensues when the father of the girl refuses to allow them to marry until he arranges for her three older sisters to find husbands [oh, those whacky eye-ties!].

In the new version, Menendez plays a former Senator [named: 'Dick Hurtz'] a FEMA Trailer mogul who becomes smitten with [allegedly] several underage hookers in the Dominican Republic, while he’s trying to sell the used trailers to pimps in Santo Domingo. Hillary ensues when his pal Mac Daddy Mengele [played by Dr. Solomon Melgen], the father of one of the underage ho’s, refuses to provide Dick with underage boys until he arranges for his other daughters to either be appointed to positions in the DOJ or at MSNBC.

Of course, the above is all rumor and you really should consider the souse, er, source.

If you want the straight Jersey poop, you need to head on over to The Other McCain, where Stacy McCain is is all over this story just like [allegedly] Bob Menendez was all over those underage hookers.

His latest report can be found here.

All of his other, previous ones may be found here.

  1. SOYLENT GREEN permalink
    06 February 2013 @ 15:47 15:47

    Yeah. If you kept “Dick Hunter” it would have to be set on Castro Street. “Hurtz is good, but Megahertz might be more accurate once this is over. 😉

    • 06 February 2013 @ 19:30 19:30

      It has to be Dick Hurtz because the character is from Holden, NJ.

      • SOYLENT GREEN permalink
        06 February 2013 @ 20:05 20:05


  2. 06 February 2013 @ 16:54 16:54

    Is Anthony “My junk is all over twitter” Weiner going to have a co-starring role? “Dick Hurtz” might need a stand-in IYKWIM.

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