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Little Boots And Little Barry

04 February 2013 @ 11:40

In my immediately previous post, I referred to our President as ‘King Barack The Unready’, but, perhaps, Paco’s comparison is more spot-on:

Caligula is said to have promised to make his horse a consul; Obama has promised to make a jackass Secretary of Defense.

So many people [even some of the Left In America] are shaking their heads over the nomination of Chuckie Hagel, but methinks Paco Enterprises commentator Spiny Norman is onto something:

I think Obama nominated an incompetent Peter Principle archtype, fully expecting he’d be rejected, so that he could then nominate a more like-minded Alinskyite to carry out his "mission" – who would otherwise also be rejected – but will now look reasonable by comparison.

Or am I giving Skeeter too much credit?

Only Valerie Jarrett knows for sure, Spiny.

Caligula: [to an unruly crowd] If you only had one neck, I’d hack it through!

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