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The Righteous Rant Of The Day…

01 February 2013 @ 10:06

…is awarded to Smitty, America’s favorite sidekick, for his justifiable anger at something Barack Hussein Obama said [and which is something a lot of people in this country unthinkingly believe][this is worth quoting in full]:

Here is an example of a divisive argument:

“Most of ‘us’ used to be ‘them,’” Obama said. “Unless you were one of the first Americans — a Native American — you came from someplace else,” he added, listing off waves of immigrants. “All of those folks — before they were ‘us,’ they were ‘them.’”

  1. Righteous-Rant-fromNetwork-225The Native Americans–did they not come from somewhere, too? Or does the doctrine of Holy Progress subscribe to spontaneous generation?
  2. I’m from here Mr. President. 100 years on mom’s side, 150 on dad’s. At what point do I get a pass where I’m considered ‘native’ enough that I’m free of your resentment farming, sir?
  3. How can you possibly claim to be anything like a uniter when you’re deliberately setting people against each other?

I sure hope the idiots who voted for and support you come to understand that you view them as meat, Mr. President.

Right on, Brother Smitty, right on.

Obama is the great Balkanizer.

SIDENOTE: Interestingly enough, it now appears that American Injuns were not here first.

From The Independent, David Keys reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to DaveO]:

New archaeological evidence suggests that America was first discovered by Stone Age people from Europe – 10,000 years before the Siberian-originating ancestors of the American Indians set foot in the New World.

A remarkable series of several dozen European-style stone tools, dating back between 19,000 and 26,000 years, have been discovered at six locations along the US east coast. Three of the sites are on the Delmarva Peninsular in Maryland, discovered by archaeologist Dr Darrin Lowery of the University of Delaware. One is in Pennsylvania and another in Virginia. A sixth was discovered by scallop-dredging fishermen on the seabed 60 miles from the Virginian coast on what, in prehistoric times, would have been dry land.

Put that in your solar peace pipe, Barry, and smoke it [you know…like you used to do in your old drug-dealing days, dopehead].

  1. 01 February 2013 @ 12:56 12:56

    I’m certainly native American. My DNA has been onshore since 1649. I have no idea if Claude liked Bourbon, however.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    01 February 2013 @ 15:38 15:38

    Proud to be an American.

    Norwegian Colony since 1000 AD!

  3. 01 February 2013 @ 18:54 18:54

    I have ancestors who landed at Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. So my DNA has been here a long time, also.

    • 02 February 2013 @ 00:10 00:10

      My ancestors had a togh time trying to get here. I’ll let my ancestor Fiorello explain:

      So now I tell you how we fly to America. The first time we started we got-a half way there when we run out a gasoline, and we gotta go back. Then I take-a twice as much gasoline. This time we’re just about to land, maybe three feet, when what do you think: we run out of gasoline again. And-a back-a we go again to get-a more gas. This time I take-a plenty gas. Well, we get-a half way over, when what do you think happens: we forgot-a the airplane. So, we gotta sit down and we talk it over. Then I get-a the great idea. We no take-a gasoline, we no take-a the airplane. We take steamship, and that friends, is how we fly across the ocean.

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