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Late To The Execution

31 January 2013 @ 13:23

In a delightful column on the South American cruise he’s currently enjoying, Bob Tyrrell turns a bit sombre near the end:

The other day as I tripped over a Mayan ruin, some dismal thoughts did occur to me. Could we go the way of the Mayans? Well, I doubt we would leave no evidence of the cause of our demise. True, our godlike leader has never fretted about the problems of entitlements or of unsustainable national debt. If he ever thought seriously about the IOUs being wrung up by the government, he would never have wasted years trying to bring down on us yet another unsustainable entitlement, Obamacare. But there are other leaders in other branches of government who are immensely worried about the perilous state of our economy and about the drift of our leaders away from the Constitution. In the courts, in the House of Representatives, and in the states there is mounting concern that the Progressives in Washington are en route to national decline, if not the end of civilization as we know it.

The concern shouldn’t be mounting; it should already be at the summit by now.

Could This Be One Explanation?

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