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Chicago 2013: Part Of The Plan

31 January 2013 @ 13:14

In a post by Stacy McCain on the bad and lawless situation in Chicago, including the death of a fifteen year old girl who had sung at the Presidential Inauguration just last week, commentator Matches Malone makes the following observation:

The problems [in Chicago] have less to do with the Police than with the politicians, although is a big problem with police who are connected to the politicians. Last year Chicago Magazine had an interesting 2-part series on the connections between Chicago gangs and Chicago politicians, the connections once ran through the Outfit, which is Chicago’s name for the Mafia, but today the connections are to street gangs, which are active in GOTV efforts.

The connections between politicians and street gangs were promoted by community organizers [such as Barack Hussein Obama] as part of the Socialist plan to sow Chaos in America. Their stated goal, that arose out of many debates in the 1980’s, is to bring down the American System from within. At this they have been very successful, especially in cities as badly and deeply corrupted as Detroit and Chicago.

See National Review analyst Stanley Kurtz’s well-done reporting on Obama and the goals of Leftist community organizers in his book, Radical-In-Chief. It is imperative that we understand just how deeply the Left has penetrated our political institutions and what they are doing within them.

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