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@ShuttleCDRKelly Is A Vile Jerk

30 January 2013 @ 20:21

That would be Mark Kelly, husband of Gabrielle Giffords.

Once again, he has exploited his ill wife [tip of the fedora to Memeorandum]:

This morning, Gabby Giffords made an unannounced appearance at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on gun violence. Assisted by her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, the former U.S. representative slowly and deliberately relayed her message: that “too many children are dying,” that “we must do something” to fight gun violence, that “Americans are counting” on Congress to “be courageous.”

Over at Protein Wisdom, frequent commentator leigh expressed my feelings:

Mark Kelly should feel like a jerk for whoring out his wife as an anti-gun poster child.  It’s the same way I feel about Sarah Brady shoving Jim Brady’s wheelchair into the middle of every anti-gun legislation that comes down the pipe.  And, Carolyn McWhatshername, the congresscritter from Long Island whose husband got gunned down by Colin Ferguson thus launching her career.

All three have no shame.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly did run for some elective office or end up heading an anti-firearm ‘non-profit’ where he pulled down over a million per year.  Vile.  Let the woman be.

SIDENOTE: See Twitchy’s fine work exposing another Leftist lie about the testimony.

  1. 30 January 2013 @ 21:14 21:14

    There is nothing so vile as a bunch of leftist twits using the death of children in a tragedy to prop up their gun grabbing agenda.

    • 30 January 2013 @ 23:33 23:33

      They have rejected Morality so anything and everything is permissible. This is what I keep trying to get through the heads of people on our side. You know and I know this, but so many don’t want to believe it.


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