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We’ve Got The Enemy Right Where They Want Us

24 January 2013 @ 14:26

And, you know what? I’m convinced they never will until they’re being put up against a wall.

The John Boehner plan to suspend the Debt Ceiling was passed by the House and has the support of our Fearless Leader [please see my report and analysis on this bill here].

Jeff Goldstein comments:

Meanwhile, over the next 4 months, during this very cunning “suspension” voted on by the GOP House yesterday, we as a country will accrue an additional $400 billion or so in debt. So. The GOP has very very cagily forced the Dems into accepting $400 billion in new spending in exchange for the subtraction of $69 billion down the road, should they not come up with a “balanced” plan to produce a budget that raises taxes on everyone — and will probably be the “in” for the formation of a VAT tax. Because we can’t cut entitlements, you see — why does the GOP hate autistic kids and grannies? — so what we’ll need for “balance” is more “revenue”.

The WSJ editorial board and Gingrich and Krauthammer, et al., cheer this on: so well played, Mr Boehner! You didn’t vote to increase the debt limit, you only suspended it — so no one can claim that you agreed to an increase, though in fact you have allowed that increase to happen. And you are insisting on a balanced budget in ten years, but without having to pin yourself or any future GOP administration to some sort of government spending cap on percentage of GDP, or any real “cuts” at all — so no one can accuse you of pushing for “austerity” measures, nor can they accuse you of not agreeing to a “balanced” approach!

Wily. Crafty. Winning.

Of course, if you’re a citizen and not a Beltway politician or pundit jockeying for political position, you’re getting fucked asswise any which way this is broken down. Your children and their are being shackled and yoked. And soon, the entire system will of economic necessity collapse entirely.

But then, shut up, Hobbit.

-My only questions: (1) How do we get the Ring? and (2) Who’s up for a trip to the darkest depths of Mordor?

-The continued willful blindness of The Conservative Beautiful People to the reality of the situation has gone from astonishing to pitiable. For all their smarts, Krauthammer, Gingrich, Paul Gigot, et. al. are revealing themselves to be quite dense [I'm being kind in my use of words — for what reason, I don't know].

-Typical Leftists and the Fellow Travellers, Dupes, and Useful Idiots that follow them: they’re fucking us asswise and not even having the Goddamn common courtesy to give us a reach-around.

-Who said: ‘We’ve got the enemy right where they want us’?

  1. 24 January 2013 @ 18:17 18:17

    -My only questions: (1) How do we get the Ring? and (2) Who’s up for a trip to the darkest depths of Mordor?

    The ring is a figment of your imagination…kind of like those sweet smelling unicorn farts Obama promised to all his synchophants. And I thought we were already well on our way to the deepest, darkest depths of Mordor. 51% of Americans sealed our fate last November.

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