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‘These Are Indeed Harrowing Times’

23 January 2013 @ 14:33

I’ve stated this a number of times before in several different ways here: If the last four years has taught us anything it is that we shouldn’t be surprised any longer by what the Left In America does. What once seemed crazy and/or fantastical, the product of tin-foiled-hat nightmares, has now become possible in the Age Of Obama.

Via Jeff Goldstein via Dave Gibson at the Examiner, we learn:

On Monday, renowned author and humanitarian Dr. Jim Garrow made a shocking claim about what we can expect to see in Obama’s second term. Garrow made the following Facebook post:

I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.” Those who will not are being removed.

So, who is the source?

Garrow replied: “The man who told me this is one of America’s foremost military heroes.”

Understand, this is not coming from Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura, or from anyone else the left often dismisses with great ease.

Garrow is a well-respected activist and has spent much of his life rescuing infant girls from China, babies who would be killed under that country’s one-child policy….

Is this true? Is Mr. Garrow really as legitimate as Mr. Gibson claims he is? If he is, is his source really ‘one of America’s foremost military heroes’?

I don’t know.

But what I do know, based on watching how this Administration has conducted itself over the past four years, is that this story has a decent possibility of being true. To put it more succinctly: I wouldn’t put anything past this crew.

Obama, after all, is a disciple of Alinsky and Cloward-Piven and they are known for advocating the pulling down the American System from within, intentionally causing this to happen so that the Left can build it’s Utopia on the ruins.

Jeff Goldstein comments:

Couple this with Jarrett, Pfeiffer, and Obama’s strange signaling that the debate over the scope of government is over — presumably, victory has been granted to the post-constitutionalists by a 51% “mandate,” giving the President and his leftist cabal the populist sympathy to act outside the current system of government, which Pfeiffer noted is unsuitable for getting things done, and is antiquated insofar as it prevents Obama from acting the role of world-shaper and imperial President. A king, if you will. With a client base of bought-off quid pro quo votes, the mainstream “progressive” press, and academics who have always been willing to imprint their social engineering theories onto a civil society, never afraid to break a few eggs if the end result is a fluffy Denver omelet of Utopian paradise. Ironically, I had no knowledge of this rumored military litmus test bombshell when I yesterday suggested that this second amendment “fight” being disingenuously ginned up by Obama and his media, medical, and academic cronies is perhaps designed to draw out those who would, if the time did in fact come when confiscation and police state methodology was legitimated legislatively at the state level, resist such attempts at usurping a natural and Constitutional right. That is, I posited a scenario in which leftist politicians were willing to take an acceptable number of casualties to law enforcement and even other state workers and civilians by armed citizens resisting tyranny in order to frame the narrative of fringe militia extremists at war with the government — creating a crisis in which they can “temporarily” call for a moratorium on gun and ammunition sales, and require “voluntary” registration of weapons.

Every time the organized left sneers openly at our paranoid conspiracy fantasies, it is nothing more than an attempt to shame us into silence. For months here, troll after troll scoffed at the idea that Obama wanted to take away our guns, up to and even past the time when he and his administration made it clear that these attempted bans on magazine capacity and weapon types, coupled to vague notions of “mental health” and AG determined “dangerous” traits, is exactly the piecemeal plan to disarm us. That is, to take away our only real protection of individual liberty.

And now we’re told by a trusted source that this New Lefist cabal of constitutional republican pretenders is actively seeking out a military hierarchy who would support the dictates of those in government over the people whose government this is, regardless of who has the Constitutional right of things.

For those of us paying attention, these are indeed harrowing times. I’ve no doubt anymore than I and others who blog daily about individual sovereignty and the rights of a free people to resist a tyrannical takeover of their country in what until now has been a soft coup, are on some sort of terrorist watch list — at least, if the West Point “study”, already eagerly adopted by progressive drivers of manufactured consent, is any indication.

Jeff is not being paranoid [and I am not either for agreeing with him] because it is entirely possible that Obama and his comrades are trying to do these things.

Let us not forget a couple of things: (1) the Left In America believes that now is THE MOMENT they have been waiting for — a re-elected President, a compliant Senate run by eunuchs and apparatchiks, the House run by rank fools, and a fearful Supreme Court — the ideal situation to launch a speed-up of the destruction [or 'fundamental transformation'] of The United States government and American Society and (2) though such a plan [what Mr. Gibson wrote about] makes normal people shake their heads, because attempting such a thing we rightly classify as ‘insane’, the Left, refusing to accept Reality [Life as it is], are not bound by Common Sense or Right Reason, so they will attempt anything.

To paraphrase Dostoevsky: Once you kill Common Sense, every idea is permissible [and possible].

Let me end with the last line of Jeff’s post:

Even if you aren’t religious, now would be a good time to pray for the safety of this, the last best hope for freedom, the USA as founded.


  1. 23 January 2013 @ 16:18 16:18

    So, we’re not crazy after all.

    • 23 January 2013 @ 19:09 19:09

      We’re not, but, as for you…

      • 23 January 2013 @ 19:39 19:39

        Hey, I’m not crazy…the doctor told me so. He just said it was an imbalance between my conservative and liberal hormones. I told him I didn’t have any liberal hormones and he said they had a pill for that.

        • 23 January 2013 @ 19:51 19:51

          Can I score some from you, man???

        • 23 January 2013 @ 20:18 20:18

          It’s the same pill they put in the kool aid. Sure you still want some?

  2. 23 January 2013 @ 20:32 20:32

    This feels so much like the late 1850s. The only difference in the atmosphere is the fight is not sectional, even if there seems to be a sectional divide. Frankly, I think the regressives want to see the country break down in chaos because it would give them the opportunity they want.

    The only way such a conflict could be won by the right side, this time, is seek out the regressives and give unto them before they get a suborned military to give unto us. I know I will be armed and will not give my weapons to the castrated poodles on the other side. They can have them after I expend all ammo, and since I intend to resupply from our enemies, it’s gonna take awhile before I reach that point.

    I’d much rather see peaceful secession, however. Let the regressives have their version of hell in Kalifornia, New York and Mass and leave the rest of us alone.

  3. bunni1 permalink
    26 January 2013 @ 00:19 00:19

    This is some scary stuff. I would not put ANYTHING past that bum obummer. Well, the people he asks the question about shooting good American citizens, they should take a page from the scums playbook and practice some taiqqui, or however you spell that scuzzi muzzie word for LYING, and just tell the jug eared jagoff what he wants to hear. I wish the military top guys would all get together and lock up this psycho for treason already.

    I am very worried for the AWFUL direction things are going, at a swiftly increasing pace. We really do need to pray for America.

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