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We’ll Fisk Again

22 January 2013 @ 11:31

It’s been a while since Smitty, beloved sidekick of Stacy McCain, has delivered a righteous Fisking to David Chauncey Gardiner Brooks, the moronic muse of the pablum puking conservative set of Beautiful People.

The Good Lord, it seems, has sent Smitty some fire and brimstone, for what our friend delivers makes one want to shout: ‘Preach, Brother, preach!’

A highlight:

[Brooks:] Modern problems like globalization, technological change, widening inequality and wage stagnation compel us to take new collective measures if we’re to pursue the old goals of equality and opportunity.
Obama wasn’t explicit about why we have failed to meet these challenges. But his critique was implicit. There has been too much “me” — too much individualism and narcissism, too much retreating into the private sphere. There hasn’t been enough “us,” not enough communal action for the common good.

Oh, you Devil. And I mean that in the theological sense of a deceiver selling the very causes of the problem as solutions. Human nature remains constant, technology, the variable. It’s a fine sales pitch that the variable can be used to tweak the constant. If your audience is totally fools. Peaking out at the current 51% is not likely to cut it. The implicit critique of ‘too much “me”‘. Has any President ever been so immodest as to deploy the personal pronoun like #OccupyResoluteDesk?

God, no — the jug-eared Nancy-boy always has one eye focused inward on his beloved self and the other on his navel, whereas Brooksy has one on Obama’s derriere and the other on Barry’s pant crease — fit viewing for such a panty-waste [get it?].

Thank you, fair Smitty, for helping to lessen the impending doom many of us feel today.

The TCOTS Bored Of Directors has voted unanimously to give you a hearty ‘Huzzah!’ at the start of our next Dionysian Feast, er, regularly scheduled meeting.

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  1. 22 January 2013 @ 21:47 21:47

    Fisking Brooks and the Little Frummer Boy (AKA Idiotic Frum) isn’t even sporting. Not unless you consider shooting tethered bears sporting. Still, it does need to be done.

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