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Sound Medical Advice

16 January 2013 @ 20:29

Especially during the rest of the reign of Il Douche…

From jcw46, commenting over at Protein Wisdom:

Remember from now on when you seek medical advice; their no longer is a private relationship with any physician.

They are MANDATED to notify authorities of any suspicious activities revealed during treatment or examination.

You cannot trust your doctor with the truth.

If you own firearms, LIE if asked if you own any. Don’t argue whether they have a right to the information because that argument could be construed as belligerence and fall under suspicious behavior.

Censor your speech when talking to medical staff and doctors. DO NOT answer survey questions truthfully.

Be careful at all times what you say. If you have children, they must be trained to also LIE to the doctors and you should NEVER let a medical staff or doctor speak to them out of your presence. (this also goes for schools and other public activities.)

WE have been made suspects and criminals.


Resist the Tyrants any way you can, no matter how small the gesture.  Every act of defiance against the Totalitarians is a blow for freedom and liberty — and good for your mental health, too.

Resistance to Tyranny now.

Resistance to Tyranny forever.


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