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Send Lawyers, Guns, And Money… [Updated Below]

10 January 2013 @ 14:49

…the shit has hit the fan.

If it hasn’t, it certainly is about to, as the Left begins their big push to disarm Americans.

So…we need to be prepared to spend some money to resist them…but, wait, the Left is also actively working to destroy our currency, so, soon it will probably be as worthless as Weimer Marks. Okay…so just send Lawyers and Guns…wait…we can’t trust the Goddamn Lawyers either, so……..just send the guns, lot of guns — looks like we’re gonna need ’em.

-William Teach, proprietor of The Pirate’s Cove, has a firm understanding of the Left’s intentions. He writes:

No, no, see, in Liberal World, it is The Central Planning Committee, er, Government, that protects our Rights as they see fit. They will be happy to provide police after the crime, along with grief management counselors.

Too true. What a silly place Camelot is, eh?

Jeff Goldstein:

What’s so frightening is watching the left actively and quickly trying to exploit a tragedy to take away liberties and disarm the plebes with such relish, while the GOP leadership is off tanning, having come off the big “we only raised taxes on, like, 2% of people!” savvy political win, and isn’t mounting any kind of public counter offensive.

I expected the relish by the Left because they believe, more intensely than they did on 20 January 2009, that this is their moment — the opportunity they have been waiting for to kick their schemes for a Socialist Paradise into high gear — and they’re not going to waste any time.

The GOP Establishment, meanwhile, is in total collapse, but it’s members don’t even know it, like Kaiser Wilhelm II in the last days of World War I. It’s pathetic…but, hey, that’s what they have been for quite some time now.

-As to Obama’s quite obvious enjoyment in seeking to do away with the Second Amendment by decree [and other nefarious moves], I turn to William again, who pegs Barry for the rat bastard he is:

Why Obama’s Picking A Fight With Congress

My guess would be it’s because he’s an asshole. An intolerant, hyper-partisan, delusions of king-hood asshole. Also, because that’s who he is, a person who has never looked to work together, to bring people together. And, basically an asshole…

Don Obama is the Arsehole Di Tutti Arsehole.

-More Jeff: this time explaining how, indeed, the Second Amendment is primarily about protecting our right to hunt…Tyrants:

Again: the militia is defined in the USC and many state constitutions. And between the “ready militia” and the “reserve militia” it subsumes all the citizenry, including children. That is, the people. Whose right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. As it says right there in the text. Nowhere is the text is there any mention of what one needs to hunt with. Although allow me to put this bluntly: the subtext of the amendment, insofar as it deals with hunting at all, is referring to the ability to put down oppressive rulers. Would-be tyrants who by force may try to subjugate free citizens.

And if what you are fighting is other humans aiming to oppress you — many of them armed by the government with automatic or semi-automatic weapons — you damn sure can, and in fact must, “have those running around out here.” Otherwise, you live in a police state, and you can no longer claim to be a free man.

Molon Labe, indeed.

-Stacy McCain, whose son just went to Army Training Camp, has some choice words for the Leftist oafs about keeping oaths:

What is it with these media idiots — including a damned foreigner like Piers Morgan — who think they are entitled to lecture a Marine veteran about his rights as an American? Don’t they understand that the First Amendment, which every journalist rightly reveres, is worthless without the protections of the Second Amendment? And don’t they understand that people have died to defend our rights as Americans?

Excuse me for getting kind of torqued up about this. But an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” is a pretty serious thing and, having seen my wife cry as she hugged our boy on his way to training, I wish more people would take their oaths seriously.

Take an oath seriously?!?…ain’t that something dead white males used to do???

In a world where everything is relative, there is no room for the concept of an oath, and most certainly, therefore, no room for honoring one.

-Regarding the Piers Morgan versus Alex Jones confrontation, Stacy makes all of the important points about it: Morgan’s reason for the invite and Jones’s background [including his vile attack on Michelle Malkin several years ago]. A highlight:

Your key phrase there [by Jones in the interview] is “mega banks that control the planet.” This is classic kook-talk, the kind of paranoid stuff like Zeitgeist that inspired Jared Loughner. Recall that Zeitgeist not only demonized bankers, but also suggested that 9/11 was a hoax.

These are the ideas that circulate on the kook fringe, and Alex Jones first became notorious as a promoter of 9/11 Truther craziness.

Jones is not a conservative. He is not one of us.

-Retired Perfumed Prince Stanley McCrystal gets thumped by Paco over at his joint. Here’s what the General said:

“I spent a career carrying typically either an M16, and later an M4 carbine,” he said. “And an M4 carbine fires a .223 caliber round, which is 5.56 millimeters, at about 3,000 feet per second. When it hits a human body, the effects are devastating. It’s designed to do that. And that’s what our soldiers ought to carry.”

The general added, “I personally don’t think there’s any need for that kind of weaponry on the streets and particularly around the schools in America. I believe that we’ve got to take a serious look. I understand everybody’s desire to have whatever they want, but we’ve got to protect our children, we’ve got to protect our police, we’ve got to protect our population. And I think we have to take a very mature look at that.”

Here’s a highlight from Paco’s reply:

The population can defend itself, my dear General, but not if it’s disarmed. And if the M4 and its variants are good enough for our soldiers, then they are good enough for law-abiding private citizens, who should be trusted to determine their own security needs and act accordingly and responsibly – which is to say, that our citizens are good enough for those types of weapons.

Please do take the time to read the rest here.

Paco reader mojo is spot-on in his comment:

The purpose of the 2nd is not hunting, it is the enabling of armed insurrection against a government grown tyrannical. And since the government will be using troops armed with “military” weapons, the people MUST have access to the same level of firepower to have any hope of success.

Q.E. fuckin’ D.


-Regarding the fact that Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark ‘Hollywood’ Kelly will now be crusading for gun control/confiscation, Donald Douglas comments:

She’s supposed to be a blue dog, but this is right out of the radical left’s rad flag playbook.

Sad…and rather pathetic. It reminds one of the embarrassing antics of Sarah and Jim Brady, but with the genders reversed.


UPDATE at 1945…

-Mike, That Mr. G Guy, Tweeted out a link to a well-done post by a fellow named Dean Garrison, entitled: If They Come For Your Guns, Do You Have A Responsibility To Fight?  It is well worth the read because he deals with some important issues that few on the Right are willing to discuss in public.  A highlight:

If they come for your guns it is your right to use those guns against them and to kill them. You are protected by our constitution.

Most of the articles I am reading on the subject are trying to give you clues without just coming out and saying it. I understand that because certain things in this country will get you on a list that you don’t want to be on. I may well be on that list. This blog is small and growing so I may not be there yet, but I have dreams. I also have my own list of subversives and anyone who attempts to deny my constitutional rights is on that list.

I am not the “subversive” here, it is the political representatives who are threatening to take away my inalienable rights. If they come to take my guns and I leave a few of them wounded or dead, and I somehow survive, I have zero doubt that I will spend a long time in prison and may face an execution. But I would much rather be a political prisoner than a slave.

If I go down fighting then I was not fighting to harm these human beings. I was simply defending my liberty and yours. It is self-defense and it is what our country was built on. We won our freedom in self-defense. We would not be ruled by a tyrannical government in the 1770′s and we will not be ruled in 2012 by a tyrannical government. There is no difference.


It’s an awful thing to contemplate, but we may soon find ourselves with our backs to freedom’s wall and we have to be mentally prepared for this.

Even if you don’t own any firearms, you’re not safe.  These bastards will come after you at some point for something because they will not stop until they have carried out their Revolution.  The Left In America is committed and it believes these times are it’s best chance to bring about the Leftist Paradise they dream of.

-Over at Maggie’s Notebook, Dame Maggie tells two very telling stories involving guns.  From her introductory paragraph:

The 15-year old boy is the son of a deputy “constable” in the Houston area. He and his 12 year old sister were alone in the home. He grabbed his father’s AR-15 and pulled the trigger. The gun did not shoot by itself, contrary to the usual liberal screed. The gun was used to do what it is intended to do, protect the owner. In North Carolina, State Senator R. C. Soles, a Democrat and an attorney, with a long record of supporting anti-gun legislation, shot at two men, former clients, on his property, hitting one of them with his personally-owned weapon….

Do take the time to click here and read her full report.

-Over at The Daley Gator, Ed reports on a move by legislators in Wyoming to resist weapons bans by the national government:

Local radio station KTWO reports that lawmakers in Wyoming have proposed a “Firearms Protection Act” that provides a state-level annulment of any ban against semi-automatics or magazines that hold 20 or 30 rounds or more.

If the measure passes, it would mean that anyone – even federal agents-who try to enforce a ban within the state borders could be charged with a felony.

Good.  The only hope we have for keeping The United States intact is for the states to rise-up and reclaim their rightful place in the federalist scheme.

  1. 10 January 2013 @ 15:04 15:04

    Right on! I just posted on the 15 year old boy, son of a Deputy Constable, who shot an intruder, after their home had already been burglarized recently. Along with that story is that of an anti-gun NC state senator (and lawyer) for many years, who also shot at two former clients on his property. He hit one of them. So he had a gun for his personal safety, while trying to keep us from doing the same. He was also charged with aiding kickbacks to a county commissioner from the FBI, for perjury and later a man came forward alleging the state senator had sexually abused him. Following that story came the many, many calls to 911 and police for violence from the Senator, from young men. Obviously, he needed to arm himself because others wanted a piece of him and he knew it.

    The powerful will always be armed. Great article Bob.

    • 14 January 2013 @ 21:28 21:28

      Thanks, Dame Maggie.

      A very very belated Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. 10 January 2013 @ 15:08 15:08

    Reblogged this on Gds44's Blog.

  3. 10 January 2013 @ 15:19 15:19

    Reblogged this on DeborahBidwell's Blog.

  4. 10 January 2013 @ 16:01 16:01

    RE: “Jones is not a conservative. He is not one of us”.
    Did you see the video where he goes balistic on Piers in regard to gun control?

  5. 10 January 2013 @ 16:08 16:08

    What I mean is, Jones can be a bit “out there”, but the globalist banking system can create crisis by manipulating currency; they can make or break entire economies. So Jones isn’t as whacked as people think.

    • 11 January 2013 @ 09:23 09:23

      Jones is a whack job, but Zer0, San Fran Nan, Chucky Shumer and DiFi make him look positively sane.

  6. Adobe_Walls permalink
    10 January 2013 @ 16:17 16:17

    Perhaps a backlash against the treasonous dogs attempting to violate our liberty coupled with the debt ceiling fight will be just what the doctor ordered. This doesn’t get fixed in DC or through the ballot box.

    • indyjonesouthere permalink
      10 January 2013 @ 16:47 16:47

      Agree. It is too late to fix this by impeachment or treason trials. It will be fixed at the lamp post, nearest tree, or against the wall. It seems there has been a moral collapse in all the institutions of this country. Military leadership, religious leadership, education from K thru college leadership, corporatist and charitable trust leadership but especially political leadership have failed their moral and fiduciary responsibility to the public. Against the wall with them. Prepare.

      • 11 January 2013 @ 09:25 09:25

        I think the wall is the only solution. That, or a short rope and long drop. Be sure to videotape them so the left can smell their fear as they are frog marched to their well deserved destiny.

        • Ted Moore permalink
          14 January 2013 @ 02:32 02:32

          Do you really think you will have a shot at the leaders of this plot? At best we will be taking on dupes, individuals who have bought their lies. Along with people who have been led to believe that they are owed something that someone else is supposed to supply. It won’t take an act of congress, it will take the welfare checks no longer going out.

  7. 10 January 2013 @ 20:03 20:03

    Goldstein makes a point that has also been troubling me: just where the hell is the Republican leadership on this issue? The administration is out there trying to destroy our constitution, and Boehner and company are, as far as I know, spending their time wondering how to manage their next retreat on the debt crisis.

    • 14 January 2013 @ 21:31 21:31

      The GOP Leadership is a lost cause. They have been absorbed into the Collective.

  8. 10 January 2013 @ 20:30 20:30

    Bob, thank you so much for the link. I highly recommend Dean’s article. I found it at Conservatives on Fire with some commentary within from Jim Gourdie and have had it linked in my sidebar. It is an intriguing article, and I asked, what will be the spark that prompts us to act as a body? Events seem to drag on. One state does something, than another. We saw that hundreds of thousands on the steps of Congress could not change health care. I was shocked about that. We will need millions and more on the steps of Congress if there is any change to our 2nd Amendment Rights. I wonder if we have the will to do it, together….

    • 10 January 2013 @ 21:54 21:54

      Correction, I found Dean’s article at Nebraska Energy Observer. Sorry for the confusion!

    • 14 January 2013 @ 21:33 21:33

      I don’t think we can tell what the spark will be [there will be one, of that I’m sure] just as the Colonists had no idea and, bang!, Concord and Lexington came.

  9. 10 January 2013 @ 20:31 20:31

    Thanks for the link Bob. Found another interesting essay

    I know it’s an analogy essay, but the author makes a valid point.

  10. Adobe_Walls permalink
    10 January 2013 @ 21:05 21:05

    The reason there is no Republican leadership is that the Constitution is just as big an obstacle to their aims as it is to the Social Democrats.
    Blood. Patriots. Tyrants.

    • 11 January 2013 @ 09:28 09:28

      I’ve been saying that for years. The Dimocrats became what they are in reaction to their consitent losses to teh GOP in the late 19th, early 20th century. As a result, philosophically, there is little difference in their philosophies and reason for grabbing power. Lincoln started this mess by refounding the country and by conquering and forcing the Confederacy back into his raw deal. We are now seeing why the South left. They looked down the road and saw where the Whigs and GOP were taking us and wanted no part of it.

  11. 11 January 2013 @ 18:56 18:56

    I would be in favor of sending Lawyers. They can take point. We can use the money to buy medical supplies. Every squad will have a .45 auto and a 5th of Scotch (or Jack or Old Grandad’s, you get the idea) as first aid kit.


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