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The Greatest ‘Reality’ Show

09 January 2013 @ 10:18

How great is your depression?…Mark Steyn will make it worse…

…On [31 January], 300 million Americans did not know what their tax rates would be on Tuesday. That’s ridiculous. Then the Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell spent the night alone in a room with Joe Biden (which admittedly few of us would have the stomach for). And when they emerged they informed those 300 million Americans what their tax rates now were. That’s unseemly.

Then, in the small hours of the morning, the legislature rubber-stamped it. That’s repulsive.

There’s a term for societies where power brokers stitch up the people’s business in back rooms and their pseudo-parliaments sign off on it at 3 a.m., and it isn’t a “republic of limited government by citizen-representatives.”

There are arguments to be made in favor of small government: My comrades and I have done our best over the years, with results that, alas, in November were plain to see. There are arguments to be made in favor of big government: The Scandinavians make them rather well. But there is absolutely nothing to be said for what is now the standard operating procedure of the Brokest Nation in History: a government that spends without limit and makes no good-faith effort even to attempt to balance the books. That’s profoundly wicked. At a minimum, the opposition, to use a quaint term, should keep the people’s business out in the sunlight and not holed up in a seedy motel room with Joe Biden all night.

The fiscal cliff was a mirage. If Washington was obliged to use the same accounting procedures as your local hardware store, the real national debt would be at least ten times greater than the meaningless number they’re now going to spend the next two months arguing over. That’s to say, we’re already over the fiscal cliff but, like Wile E. Coyote, haven’t yet glanced down at our feet and seen there’s nothing holding us up. In a two-party system, there surely ought to be room for one party that still believes in solid ground.

…however, it is important that we never shut-off our senses to Reality and the Truth.

We now live in a country where matters are decided exclusively behind closed doors and where everyone involved is an actor in a ‘reality’ show that repeats endlessly. The sessions of the House and Senate and the public words and actions of the President are the show, the sham — they ultimately don’t mean a thing.

Welcome to that hit new show: The End Of The American Republic!

  1. 09 January 2013 @ 10:32 10:32

    ***Quick typo note: Your parenthetical date should read “31 December”, rather than “January”.

    Otherwise, wonderfully funny and totally depressing…which is typical of Steyn.

    Thanks for the post!!

  2. Rosalie permalink
    09 January 2013 @ 13:37 13:37

    Lately, it doesn’t seem as though we have a two-party system.

    • 09 January 2013 @ 20:14 20:14

      Pat Buchanan said we don’t back in the dark ages of 1996.

  3. 09 January 2013 @ 20:17 20:17

    You’ll have to forgive me. I don’t find your new reality show to be all that entertaining. If it affected only the loony left (as if there is any other kind) then I lay in a goodly supply of popcorn and watch the show. Instead, I have to buy ammo.

    • 09 January 2013 @ 20:26 20:26

      Me…the wife and I watch old British series like Upstairs Downstairs instead of THE Reality Show.

  4. 09 January 2013 @ 20:27 20:27

    Sometimes you have to hit the ground to get that reality wake up call. Except unlike Wiley, the fall will kill most of us.

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