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The Suicide Of The Best

04 January 2013 @ 14:15

Jeff Goldstein on those non-Leftists who refuse [despite the overwhelming evidence before us] to understand the actual intentions of the Left in America:

…the New Left “progressives” are doing what they want to do — create a dependency nation and a stronger, more powerful centralized government set to parlay every crisis it creates into an excuse to find a new governmental “solution” (a command and control economy is next, I bet; to take on the “profiteers” responsible for your smaller paycheck) — while the GOP is doing what it does best: throw up its hands, complain that it has no leverage to operate, and ultimately, after some theater…selling out its base while enjoying all the perks of being in a big powerful federal government.

Jeff was responding to an statement written by Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson, who wrote:

Unless the cost of doing business here can be reduced, through lower taxation, reining in new health care, labor, and environmental regulations, and sound money, a robust economic recovery will continue to allude policy makers.

You see this kind of willful blindness all over the Right. It is a self-imposed refusal to understand that the national government of The United States [and most of the state, county, and local governments] are in the hands of Committed Leftists — Revolutionaries who are determined to destroy the republican governments of America at all levels and see installed in their places Fascist-Socialist-Totalitarian ones.

These ‘Progressives’ are bent on eliminating all of the hard fought freedoms and liberties we Americans gained and have maintained since 1776. Hell, the Left wants to eliminate all the gains in freedom and liberty gained by Englishmen back to Magna Carta.

The Left is desperately seeking despotism.

That so many normally intelligent people on the Right are willingly blinding themselves to the intentions of the Left is an act of suicide and is another sign of The Present Crisis [and that they're Useful Idiots].

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