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Officials Of The Flies

04 January 2013 @ 08:39

As an unbearded and virginal [in many ways] youth in High School, for a time I became fascinated with the philosophy Friedrich Nietzsche, especially his concept of The Superman [Übermensch] and the idea of the Will To Power [der Wille zur Macht]. It was a tempting philosophy because it proclaimed that one could put oneself in a position to be beyond Morality, all laws, and all tradition — or so that was how many interpreted it [most especially the National Socialists].

There remains quite a bit of controversy over his ideas, especially the Will To Power — that is a discussion for another time — but the concept of the Will To Power has pretty much come to mean the following: the strong desire to reach one’s ends and employ whatever means believed necessary to get there; it is a summonsing of all one’s energies in the pursuit of power and requires that all restraints be discarded in said pursuit because only such a total commitment to the ends desired can allow for the will to be satisfied. It is a form of Ruthlessness, but it is the mercilessness of the child, driven as it is by a juvenile desire to control Reality, to create one’s own version of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, as it were.

As we have witnessed since 20 January 2009, the denizens of the Obama Administration will do whatever it takes to achieve their ends. As we have also seen, they are some of the most petty, arrogant, and irrational people, who often literally throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. One could say that they are suffering from a stunted growth of thinking. These Leftists have never progressed beyond the setting and atmosphere of the schoolyard. Next time you see a member of the Administration or of the Democratic Party in the Congress on the attack against the Right, pull yourself back from the specific issue at hand and analyze the scene with detachment; watch the gestures, listen to the phrases used, and study the structure of their arguments. I think you’ll find that they are quite similar to the way spoiled children act and, if you’ve ever read The Lord Of The Flies, you will think yourself transported to that isolated island in a remote region of the Pacific Ocean where the novel takes place.

The thoughts above were prompted by my reading of yet another example of the infantile behavior of an official of the Obama Administration as reported here by Eliana Johnson of National Review Online [tip of the fedora to Wombat-Socho's Live At Five].

That we on the Right keep losing battles to a group of spoiled rotten children is something we should be quite ashamed about.

Could This Be One Explanation?

  1. indyjonesouthere permalink
    04 January 2013 @ 11:29 11:29

    It often appears we are losing the battles but it is our continuing the battle that is driving the collectivists to desperation. And they ARE desperate. It is actually fun to watch them on the media, they constantly resort to crazy histrionics to evade any criticisms. I most enjoy any journalist that gives them a good titty twist to get them going…much like cranking up the old Farmall to get to the field. We can’t give up the fight, push ahead and keep pointing out their failures. All of this is on video tape to hold for future use. Draw your sword and drive on!

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      04 January 2013 @ 11:31 11:31

      ‘Forward!’, eh – just kidding.


      • 04 January 2013 @ 19:13 19:13

        It’s Vorwärts! The Obamanuts are at least National Socialists if not outright Reds.

  2. indyjonesouthere permalink
    04 January 2013 @ 11:38 11:38

    When it gets frustrating just go watch Bill Whittles hour video “Where do we go now”. The collectivists have no where to go, as statists they have to hold the ground they are on and that is not sustainable.

  3. M. Thompson permalink
    04 January 2013 @ 13:14 13:14

    Pass the bottle, and keep marching.

    • 04 January 2013 @ 19:14 19:14

      Depends on what’s in the bottle. If it’s Costco Vodka, count me out.

      • 04 January 2013 @ 23:09 23:09

        I like “Sour Mountain Dew.” That’s a glass full of ice, a healthy shot of Crown Royal topped off with Diet Mtn Dew. Good times.

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