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Fiscal Cliff Notes… [Updated Below]

02 January 2013 @ 14:53

…or The Souse That Roared*.

-Really…did you actually expect a different outcome?

-Over at The American Spectator, Stacy McCain looks at the effectiveness of the Left’s Class Warfare message which helped them achieve their current victory and has set the stage for some more for them in the future. A highlight:

Americans have been repeatedly told in recent years that “the rich” (however that term is defined) are not paying “their fair share” of taxes, and that this greedy unfairness is the explanation of anything that needs explaining. Did the local factory lay off workers? The rich are not paying their fair share! Is your daughter struggling to repay her student loans? The rich are not paying their fair share!

Especially in the “swing states” during last year’s election campaign, voters heard this Democrat message so often, in so many iterations, that it must have seemed like the universal panacea, a sort of snake-oil miracle cure. Whatever your problem — obesity, dandruff, halitosis, chronic flatulence — the Democrats promised to cure it by finally forcing the rich to Pay Their Fair Share. This message proved to be amply satisfactory to people too stupid or too lazy to bother themselves with arithmetic. Perhaps it is not entirely a coincidence that comparatively few of those math-deficient voters are themselves rich.

-Over at his own joint, Stacy narrows his focus to Charlie ‘Charlie Shakedown’ Rangel, using this bloated corruption of human flesh to make some wise points about Envy.

William Jacobson is in a witty mood:

What an embarrassment.

To say that Republicans in Congress folded like a cheap suit is an insult to cheap suits.

Indeed: my suit was angry all morning.

The good Professor, however, is not all blue:

The Republican leadership failed miserably.

Their lack of conviction is my liberation theology. Liberation from the Republican leadership. Liberation from the Republican Party as it currently exists. We need to have an “R” after our names only because in our two-party system, third parties fail and/or hand elections to Democrats. We need to change what “R” means. Think how bad the deal would have been if there were not a block of Tea Party congressmen with backbone.

The freest man in the world is the man who has nothing to lose, so take the final step Bill: Go Outlaw. Join us.

-Quoting a comment made by Oldsailors Poet over at Ace Of Spades, palaeomerus comes up with a damn fine suggestion:

“Jan -1 2013 You [Paul Ryan] just took 600 billion of our money and shoved it up a hogs ass while we were screaming no.”

I’m going to get a stamp made that says that and stamp all GOP fund raising letters I get with it and send them back with grocery store coupons for toilet paper.

In case you don’t know: if you send back a prepaid envelope, no matter if it contains anything or not, the receiver of it has to pay postage. I do this to the GOP all the time.

-From Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard, we learn:

John Boehner delivered a sharp response to Harry Reid, who last week accused the House speaker of running “dictatorship.” The top Republican reportedly told the top Senate Democrat, “Go f— yourself.”

“What are you talking about?” Reid replied, at the White House.

“Go f— yourself,” Boehner repeated.

What a complete and total dipsomaniacal fool.

UPDATE at 2011…

Vodkapundit agreed with the strategy I advocated for two weeks ago:

The GOP had no good bargaining position, and it’s not like the Democrats were ever going to negotiate in good faith anyway — so the GOP shouldn’t have even tried. They had exactly one option open to them, which was to give the Democrats everything they wanted, vote “present” on the disgusting mess, then go home for the holidays.

Let the Democrats live with the results of their taxes and spending, without a single Republican fingerprint anywhere near it. It wasn’t a great play, but at least then they’d have stood for something. Yes, they’d have paid for it with lost seats in the midterms — but that’s going to happen anyway now, and probably even worse.

As he puts it another post:

Obama got exactly what he needed: GOP fingerprints on a deal that won’t lead to a recovery. Blaming Bush was getting stale, but now he has Boehner to blame.

Boehner and McConnell have assured that the blame for the inevitable economic failures that lie ahead can be blamed on the GOP, and, by extension, conservatives.  Any sane person who has any understanding of how they operate knows that the Left will not cease to promote The Big Lie that the GOP = conservatives.

Ultimately, however, the GOP is not the focus of the Left’s attention here.

In fact, this is just another offensive in the Left’s long war to delegitimize conservative ideas [which is, really, American ideas].  The only way the Left can get their warped ideas to be taken seriously is to make normal ideas be perceived as abnormal.

As Jeff Goldstein writes:

To put it bluntly, the GOP has now assured that we have “Obama’s tax cuts for the middle class” — which are nothing more than the Bush rates now usurped by Obama as part of his aim to paint himself as the man of the working people. That is, they lost even their own tax relief plans for the middle class to Obama, who has assumed ownership of them. And yet some chin-scratchers continue to pretend that even questioning the obvious extended mishandling of the whole question, from the debt-ceiling compromise onward, is perplexing to them — the product of minds not so finely nuanced as theirs.

Whereas the real problem is, these people can’t seem to think outside of the political chess game — and even given that limited perspective, they continue to get their queens raped by some randy Leftist knight.

As I have written many, many times: this is not a game, but a struggle to preserve and restore our freedoms and liberties.  No one who is serious about achieving these goals thinks that we have the luxury to enjoy playing political games.  There are far too many people on the Right [as Jeff points out in his Fisking of NRO’s Jim Geragthy and others here] who refuse to see that we are engaged in a life and death struggle with the Left.  The goal of the Left is to destroy us, not to win a game.

-One starts to think that Jeff Goldstein is onto something when he writes:

Honestly, the fact that this game couldn’t have been played any more poorly had a script been written leads me to conclude — Occam’s Razor! — that a script’s been written. And in the denouement, we are the domesticated subjects who, if we just give Big Government a chance, will see just how wonderful collectivism can be, when divorced from the silly “natural laws” of Enlightenment philosophers too daft and idealistic to realize that there is nothing beyond men, the truths they construct, and their will to power as a method of enforcement.

-I don’t know about you, but the GOP is dead to me.

*Yeah, I mean you, Cryin’ John.

  1. 02 January 2013 @ 18:28 18:28

    If Cryin’ John Boner said that he clearly didn’t mean it. Boner is a worthless POS. I don’t often use that kind of language, even in abbreviations, but there is nothing else that fits in this case.

    While I feel the Counselor’s pain, Mr. Jacobson has as much chance of seeing the ‘R’ mean anything substantial as I do seeing my deceased Blue Heeler come back to life. I’m finished with the GOP and it can’t leave the scene soon enough.

    I’ve been doing the same as you do to the GOP to the American Society of Civil Engineers. I haven’t gotten much from the GOP in a very long time, but if that changes I will follow teh same practice with Boner’s gang.

    • 02 January 2013 @ 19:19 19:19

      I think the Prof is misguided in his scheme regarding the GOP. Time for it to go to the dog track.

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        04 January 2013 @ 19:25 19:25

        It’s ready for rendering.

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