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27 December 2012 @ 08:56

That’s the way I feel every time someone mentions Lady ‘Evita’ Michbeth running for the Presidency in 2016.

Imagine my reaction when I read this by Sean O’Hare in The London Daily Mail [tip pf the fedora to Moonbattery]:

A striking transgender model made up to look like Michelle Obama being sworn into office has been put on the front cover of a U.S. magazine.

Luis Venegas, publisher of the first transsexual style magazine Candy, said he put model Connie Fleming on the front cover because he was inspired by the idea that a black, transsexual woman could one day be president of the Unites States.

The split front cover shows New York model Fleming being sworn into office and waving a U.S. flag accompanied by the headline ‘The Candydate’.

Fleming is dressed in typical First Lady fashion, down to the pearl necklace. Even the hair style is reminiscent of the President Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle.

Connie Fleming is described on website database of New York transsexuals as ‘a living doll, a multi-talented lady with a promising career as stylist and designer’s assistant.

Here’s the cover:


You know…give me the she-male over Lady Michbeth any day — at least it will have better fashion sense.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    27 December 2012 @ 10:51 10:51

    January 2017 can’t get here fast enough.

  2. indyjonesouthere permalink
    27 December 2012 @ 12:16 12:16

    I don’t even want to go there. Barnhardt put out a piece yesterday, “and the effeminate shall lead them.” There is no part of America that is free of the effeminate princes.

  3. 27 December 2012 @ 19:01 19:01

    Ain’t no such animal as a “transexual woman.” It’s just a man with cosmetic surgery to look like a woman. No real man wants to be a girl anymore than a real woman wants to be a man. That pic is simply sick, just as US society is sick.

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