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Denial As A Feature, Not A Bug

21 December 2012 @ 09:26

Metaphorical sodomite Professor Erik Loomis, PhD/VD, a University of Rhode Island Assistant Professor of History, has been caught having a tantrum of the kind typical of those who possess adolescent minds and are Leftists [but, I repeat myself].

Campus Reform broke the story, which you can read here.

Tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain, who has published several posts on this, here, here, herehere, here, and here.

In one of those, Stacy gets right to the heart of this heartless matter, going beyond the specific case of the metaphorically syphilitic Loomis:

When you think of yourself (as [former metaphorical catamite Professor Erik] Loomis [PhD/HSV2] most surely does) as an apostolic soldier in the Righteous Army of Peace and Humanity, doing battle against the forces of Hate, there is no such thing as “fairness,” nor any rule of conduct that can limit your action. This mentality is expressed in the radical slogan, “By Any Means Necessary.”

This necessarily involves the de-humanization of one’s antagonists, a degradation of moral standards — excusing dishonesty and malicious action, so long as it is done on behalf of the Sacred Progressive Cause — and inevitably results in thuggery on behalf of “social justice,” a movement whose actions exemplify the very opposite qualities of “peace and humanity” that progressives claims to be pursuing.

This was how the idealists of the 1960s ended up, in the 1970s, being apologists for the bloody reign of Pol Pot in Cambodia, and supporting domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers and Kathy Boudin.

Without any real moral principles, judging everything only by its political expediency, they exempt themselves from judgment, even while harshly judging the demonized Other whom they target with transparently invalid smears….

A lovely summation of Leftist Thinking and the way they avoid considering the possibility that their ideas and the premises behind them could be wrong.

If these Leftists weren’t so dangerous, one could spare the time to pity their sad mental states.

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