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@BlazingCatFur Needs Some Meow Mix [Corrections Made]

13 December 2012 @ 14:10

From Mark Steyn, we learn:

During my battles with the Canadian “human rights” regime, we relentlessly exposed the corrupt relationship between the Commissars and Canada’s self-appointed Hatefinder-General, Richard Warman. See [BOB: Mark Steyn links to three videos here that are no longer available (thanks to QM)].  Almost as soon as the truth about his Nazi website postings became known, Warman began suing. He sued Ezra Levant, with whom I’ll be appearing on Saturday, as well as Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle, Free Dominion and anyone else who got in his way. At the time, many people asked me why he hadn’t sued me, both for columns that appeared in Maclean’s and for posts such as this one at SteynOnline.

Well, the reason he didn’t sue me is because (a) Maclean’s is a corporate entity with very deep pockets and (b) SteynOnline is based in the United States, where no court would give him the time of the day. So considerably more vulnerable Canadians have had to bear the brunt and serve as proxy targets for Warman’s shakedown racket. He is now suing Blazing Cat Fur merely for linking to “far-right web site” SteynOnline, and demanding half-a-million dollars for damage to his “reputation”. “Lame,” says Instapundit. Warman will not win, but please go over and drop a few bucks in the Cat’s kitty for his legal defense fund. The disgusting Warman has already been rebuked by a CHRT judge for his dress-up Nazi activities, and we owe the exposure of that not to his doting stenographers at The London Free Press but to a few plucky bloggers like Cat Fur. Do help out if you can. (More on this from Mrs Cat Fur. See also Cat On A Hot Trudeaupian Roof – and some cartoon advice for both Warman and the Prophet.)

Big tips of the fedora to Evi and Donald Douglas.

[CORRECTION: The Mark Steyn quote above is from two years ago.  The rest of the quotes and links are new, from yesterday and today.  Apologies. —BOB]

Donald writes:

Well, yet more in the ongoing freedom to blog series: It turns out my good friend BCF — a.k.a Arnie, Kathy Shaidle’s husband — is being sued by serial litigant Richard Warman, a so-called “human rights activist” and actual member of the white supremacist Stormfront group.

Instapundit has generously made a contribution.

-As I warned many moons ago, the Left has unleashed a multitude of barrages against the Right from angle in every country of The West, but most especially in The Anglosphere. Their goal is to intimidate and/or bankrupt us into silence.

However, let me state again: there is no physical active Leftist conspiracy loose in the land. The indoctrinations that have been carried on by the Left in all the institutions of Western Society have molded people like Mzzz. Sandra Fluke, Warman, et. al. to do the Left’s bidding instinctively.

The Leftist army has very few brigade commanders, but every grunt has their manual implanted in their souls.

-Details on how to contribute and how to spread the word can be found here at Fur’s scratching post.

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  1. 13 December 2012 @ 18:38 18:38

    I’m guessing the You Tube clip was from Warman. If so, he’s trying to cover his tracks and has closed his You Tube account. Normal for those slugs.

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