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The Naked Face Of Leftism: The Real Rascists Unmasked

12 December 2012 @ 20:53


When the union thugs attacked Steven Crowder and tore down the Americans For Prosperity tent in Lansing yesterday [see my post on those two incidents], they also attacked and seriously damaged vendor Clinton Tarver’s hot dog catering equipment.

Mr. Tarver was hired by AFP to provide food for those who visited the tent.  He was not taking sides in the protest.  He was a hard-working family man doing a job that he had been hired to do.

And his fellow ‘working men’ sought to destroy his business…oh, and they called him a ‘Nigger’ and, of course, an ‘Uncle Tom’.

-Stacy McCain has a report up that includes links.  He comments:

Good Lord. Of course, they have no sense of shame, but are they also completely lacking a sense of irony? I mean, the Left has spent nearly four years building their “Tea Party is racist” meme, and the AFL-CIO brutes — who were nearly all white, as Stranahan reports and video verifies — decide they’ll just waste all that liberal media propaganda in order to terrorize a guy whose only “crime” is serving hot dogs?

-Velvet Hammer has the best aggregation of links and videos for this story, so please do take the time to click here and check it out [especially Dana Loesch’s interview with Mr. Tarver].

-Welcome to Chaos, where the Rule Of Law has been replaced by the Rule Of Thuggery, where might makes right, where no decent person is safe.

It’s happening, America.  Pretending that it’s not is not an option any longer.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    12 December 2012 @ 21:49 21:49

    It’s Louisville Slugger time at the very least.

  2. 06 January 2013 @ 10:55 10:55

    Your mode of describing all in this article is genuinely pleasant, every one can simply understand it, Thanks a lot.


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