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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

10 December 2012 @ 19:42

…is awarded to Smitty, Meister der Wache über die Haushaltskrise, for Mind-Melding with the fifty-two percent that voted to re-elect Julius Obamacus Nero Caesar:


One has to wonder if a sizeable part of the population has been infected with the schlocking pneumonia and the Nihilistic flu.

  1. 10 December 2012 @ 20:15 20:15

    I love the snark I that last sentence. Smitty may be warped, but he’s my kinda warped.

  2. 11 December 2012 @ 00:12 00:12

    Sorry Smitty, Actually it’s death, but the kool-aid drinkers arn’t to long for that either. Proud not to be one.

    • 11 December 2012 @ 19:07 19:07

      Overdose usually leads to death. A friend who was a Ronnie Raygun appointee says that death is the penalty for stupidity. Alas, that is often the case, and usually the case for countries.

  3. KingShamus permalink
    11 December 2012 @ 10:46 10:46

    Smitty is right. ‘Nuff said.

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