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NOW: 2nd Term Cabinet Must be 50% Female

06 December 2012 @ 08:29

From reporter Caroline May, we learn [tip of the fedora to Drudge]:

Currently, the president, who garnered 55 percent of the women’s vote on Election Day, has eight females in his 23-member cabinet. According the National Organization for Women, that number isn’t nearly high enough.

NOW president Terry O’Neill, in an interview with The Daily Caller, explained that she would like to see complete gender parity in Obama’s second-term cabinet.

“I think that if half of the cabinet were women and half of the Supreme Court and half of Congress were women, we would see a lot more policies for expanding education and health care and social services that allow communities to thrive,” O’Neill explained. “We’d see a lot less spending on military weapons systems, and we would also see a lot less of the most powerful, moneyed people not paying their fair share.”

Mr. O’Neill also said that ‘Obama’s inner circle needs more gender diversity’, according to Miss May.

Methinks Bathhouse Barry will have no qualms in complying with this demand.

After all, he’s already got a harem of fag hags in place [ie: Jarrett, The Bad Rice, Clinton, Michelle, et. al.] and he seems quite happy with them — puttering around, having a gay old time, as it were — being the king.

[Too vicious of me to say this?  I don't care anymore.]

  1. 06 December 2012 @ 13:38 13:38

    Imagine if they stacked the cabinet, Congress and the courts with women like ME. Bwahahaha!
    Oh what fun it would be!

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      06 December 2012 @ 14:37 14:37

      That’s why I specifically used the word ‘Female’. All these NOW types are of your gender, but they are not Real Women, like you and the other Boudicas I know.

    • 09 December 2012 @ 22:04 22:04

      We’d have that cesspool cleaned up on 2 weeks, Zilla!

      And, very true, Bob, those picks of choom boy might be female ( They probably had sex changes, so I’m not betting on that one), but they are NOT women, by any stretch. Kittehkins has more feminine charm than those rodents, and she is smarter and her litter box smells better too.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    06 December 2012 @ 18:07 18:07

    Another portion of the Democrat’s Popular Front increasingly makes its claim.

  3. 09 December 2012 @ 22:01 22:01

    Well said, Bob haren of fag hags! ha ha.
    No, you weren’t vicious enough.

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