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DeMint Departs

06 December 2012 @ 14:25


Over at Breitbart, Mike Flynn reports and comments:

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, often the conservative conscience of the Senate, will resign his seat next month and assume leadership of the Heritage Foundation. He will replace long-time Heritage President Ed Fuelner.

DeMint’s decision says a lot about the current state of affairs in Washington. He obviously feels he can do more for conservatives from the platform of the Heritage Foundation than the United States Senate. Politics is failing conservatives. There are numerous reasons for this, and some part of the onus is on us. Conservatives need to reinvigorate the battle for ideas. They need to renew the drive for liberty and freedom. They need to reengage in the cultural battle for ideas.

DeMint has been a great political warrior. He can be an even better warrior for liberty.

Has anyone considered the possibility that Mr. DeMint is leaving because he suspects the GOP is a lost cause?

Some commentary from out in The Ether…

William Jacobson:

Who replaces DeMint as the face of conservatism in the Senate?

I predict the newly-elected Ted Cruz.

Methinks, the Prof is right.

I’m not sure I care. The national government means very little to me these days.

The Lonely Conservative:

I guess DeMint figures that Washington, DC has become such a cesspool that it doesn’t make sense to even stay and try to make a difference.

Sister Toldjah:

Can’t really say that I blame him. IMO, you can get done more when you’re not an elected official than when you are. Being elected means being bound by the one-sided rules on political correctness.


In light of the direction of the country, I think conservatives need to reclaim their own identity and separate themselves from Republicans.

The fact is conservatives overestimate their popularity. We are far more impressed with ourselves than anyone else is. We think we took over the GOP, the fact is the GOP just kisses our ass every now and then.

We as conservatives should go back to being an intellectual movement and leave the elections to the Republicans. We’re not as good at them as we think we are.

-Vicki, over at Frugal Cafe:

…you could knock me over with a feather this morning about the sudden announcement that Sen. DeMint is leaving the Senate for the presidency at the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation. Sen. DeMint has consistently been the rare voice of reason in Washington, DC.

She has an excellent news aggregation going on this story along with some tasty highlights from the Senator.

-The DarcPrynce has some background on Representative Tim Scott, who is being talked about as the appointed replacement for Mr. DeMint.

-Check out Jimmie Bise’s report over at Liberty News.

-I hoping to chrinicle more commentary later on today.

  1. 06 December 2012 @ 20:16 20:16

    Vicki is wrong. They never kiss our posterior. They do throw us a bone with a hint of meat on it on rare occasions, but that’s about it. They just want us around to vote for their shill, give some money and labor, and the rest of the time, keep our mouths shut and stay away. The GOP is what it has been since a bunch of Whigs got together in Michigan and reorganized and renamed the party. The GOP has always been a leftist, statist party. Thus it has ever been, thus it will ever be.

  2. Rosalie permalink
    07 December 2012 @ 18:34 18:34

    I felt bad when I read that. He’s a good man with a conscience, that’s why he can’t stay.


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