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Fugue on Wealth, Economics, Money and Finance

05 December 2012 @ 08:15

A Guest Post by The Reverend David R. Graham, A.M.D.G.

Wealth is moral philosophy. Economics is building culture up and out. Money is a consequence of wealth. Finance is a consequence of economics. Money is not wealth and finance is not economics.

Politics is dirty business.

The electorate in the Divided States of America is passionate about their freedom in three, and only three, matters: drugs, free association of the sexes and step parents. Or, as might be said: shoot up, link up, fuck up. All other matters touching on the Divided States of America are of secondary or no concern to its electorate. (Abortion follows free association of the sexes.) The electorate desires libertinism not liberty, gluttony not freedom. Their leading motive is jealousy. Shoot up, link up, fuck up: thus, the electorate says, “Black” is cool and otherwise not.

The electorate essays to strip money and finance from wealth and economics, respectively. Theirs is a “hunting-and-gathering” mentality. Or, as might be said, a scavenging posture: seize the consequences without regard to sustaining their causal engines. When the food runs out, they eat the menu and condemn its taste. They plan to emplace MRO in the White House in 2016. Elections ended in 2006.

The electorate is jealous. Politics cannot redeem this electorate, nor sate their appetites. Shoot up, link up, fuck up: this electorate’s ultimate concerns.

In this milieu, one proceeds by what is true. Recall St. Benedict. Liberty is for developing self-confidence, self-satisfaction and self-sacrifice. Liberty is not for wallowing in self-indulgence. Liberty and libertinism are enemies. So too freedom and concupiscence. Morality is wealth. Construction is economics. One employs the given internal and external means to achieve the goals of morality and construction, wealth and economics. Money and finance flow to support work for those goals. Money is never a problem. Morality always is.

Jealousy brings greed, greed anger and anger violence.

One keeps the truth constantly in mind, strongly in focus. Screwtape wants full attention. Deny it him. Laugh at him. Peer pressure he conjures against one sneer at.

Doubters will be destroyed. The United States of America is become to all appearances a piece of ground engulfed in anarchy, o’er topped with lawlessness. “Fundamentally transformed” they say – and far, far, far more planned – though not so fundamental nor transforming as those campaigners imagine or intend. Proper conduct supports those who support proper conduct.

Beneath a chaotic, truth-less surface, still waters run deep in truth. Saturate in them and be at peace. The United States of America is neither erased nor fled, nor can be made either. She is quiet, deep, strong – even whilst bloody treason flourishes over her. She is traduced and defiled yet neither defeated nor tainted. Truth has aseity. “Fundamental transformation” does not, it depends on truth as a fighter depends on a punching bag.

This electorate does not make wealth and cannot construct. Its jealousy cannot vanquish the truth. Nor can it sustain itself. It cannot even strip bare the money produced by the wealth of moral being. Be patient. The Lord your God, the Almighty, has not abandoned you. Trust God and spurn doubt. This, too, shall pass.

Bear all and do nothing.
Hear all and say nothing.
Give all and take nothing.
Serve all and be nothing.

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