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America’s Slow Murder-Suicide

04 December 2012 @ 09:07

Once again Rush Limbaugh burns away the Leftist fog with Right Reason, speaking Truths most Americans fear to hear.

His comments came in light of the reaction to the murder-suicide committed by NFL player Jovan Belcher [tip of the fedora to Wombat-Socho's Live At Five]:

I live in Realville and my problem is that I’m governed by logic. And some of the claims that are made by people on the left just don’t hold up. I mean, look where we are now. If we could just ban guns, if we could just ban soda pop, if we could ban sugar, if we could ban salt, if we could ban trans fats, if we could ban private health insurance, ban oil, if we could ban me, we’d have a perfect world. If we could ban all these things, there wouldn’t be any global warming, there wouldn’t be any suicide, there wouldn’t be any obesity, and there’d be no high blood pressure and there’d be no need for national health care, and then nobody would die.

Imagine there’s no strife
All would be unicorns and light

More from El Rushbo:

I mean, there are bad people, and there are ill people, and there are irrational people, and there is nothing that can be done about it. Certain things are just going to happen. But you look at the go-to liberal reaction. Every highly publicized death in America is to blame the Second Amendment, to blame American gun laws, which are constitutionally granted, and it seems to me that that’s the cop-out and it’s an easy, almost lazy way, to approach this. Because the real root of such things that happened Saturday are never explored because we can’t.

What we might discover (and we might then have to reveal about our discoveries) would make everybody too uncomfortable to hear. And it might lead to charges of racism and discrimination, and we can’t have that. So we’re never going to get to the root causes of events like this. And, by the way, I’ll never forget this. Shortly before my TV show started in 1992, there was the most senseless shooting.

It was in Chicago, remember? Three-year-olds or five-year-olds were killing three-year-olds with guns and so forth, and I did a little commentary on the radio and then on TV: "Have we lost our soul?" It was about kids that were getting hold of guns and killing kids, and I said, "You know, the gun’s one thing, but what in the world is happening to the culture where such a thing is even possible?"

I wondered, "What has happened to our national soul?" I was curious about getting to the root of all this, which we can’t do, folks. We just have to admit it. It’s not politically correct to go there. But there are root causes for behavior like this. There are societal issues that surround events like what happened in Kansas City over the weekend. You can ask some questions.

I’ll go ahead. (What have I got to lose? They’re gonna ban me anyway. They’ve been trying.) Might there have been a better outcome if there had been a marriage involved between Mr. Belcher and his girlfriend? I don’t know. All I know is that I look at all the statistics on single parenthood and children born out of wedlock and what happens to kids in those circumstances; what happens to the fathers in those circumstances.

And it’s not good.

It just isn’t good. Might there have been a different outcome had somebody been able to recognize that this guy, Jovan Belcher, was not right? Was he depressed? You read the news accounts. They’re all over the place. "It was the ideal relationship." "No, it wasn’t! He was a drunk, and he was on prescription medication," and, "He was suffering from concussions and brain damage."

Then, "No, the team has no record of any brain damage or injury." So we don’t know what to believe. The stories are all over the ballpark. Could we maybe get the feminists of this country to honestly address the subject of violence against women? Instead of making it a political issue to go after conservatives, how about actually looking at it and who is involved in it and why it happens, rather than simply using it as a political football to advance liberalism?

Could we talk about the damage that decades of liberalism have done to the American family, particularly minority families? They’ve busted ’em up. The federal government has been the breadwinner. It wasn’t in this case, but nevertheless there is a social disintegration taking place in way too many parts of this country, and there are reasons why it is happening. And this deterioration and this cultural rot is often glorified.

It’s held up as something to emulate and be part of, ’cause it’s cool, because it’s different, because it isn’t traditional. Of course, "tradition" is old-fashioned and stodgy and is therefore the enemy. For example, if we hadn’t taken religion out of as many lives as we apparently have, would the situation have been different? I don’t know. I’m just throwing out some possibilities other than the gun.

Because a really disturbed individual was disturbed long before he got the gun.

Perhaps this desire to be ‘cool’ is driven by the fact that the American People, having enjoyed the greatest prosperity the world has ever seen and having been fortunate enough to live the least strife-filled lives of any peoples in the history of Mankind, have had so many luxuries easily available to them that they cannot bear to live normal lives anymore and must seek out the ‘cool’, the recklessly risky behaviors to satisfy the emptiness in their souls brought about by having had it too easy. I’m not sure, but it sure as Hell seems that way.

Add to that the fact that the Left has run a successful campaign here over the last century to kill off our belief in God and our faith in The Founders and you have a situation where huge numbers of Americans are lost and have no desire to be found.

More from Mr. Limbaugh:

…Jovan Belcher was not a good guy. He murdered his girlfriend, the mother of his child. Now, there will be, mark my words, an attempt to have this blamed on football and concussions and head injuries.Because that’s the trend. It’s where we’re headed. This has been the trend in the NFL for quite a while now. So it’s a convenient way to explain what happened. I mean, it was kind of surreal, almost surreal watching the NFL yesterday as you listened to people talk about this. As I mentioned, you had to really listen closely to be reminded that Mr. Belcher killed — murdered! — his girlfriend.

The story that was told was how he went to the practice facility and ran into the general manager, Scott Pioli, and asked him to get the head coach and an assistant coach (Romeo Crennel and Gary Gibbs) to come out and he spent time thanking them for his shot. He was a free agent. He was not drafted. He went to a small school in Maine, not considered a football factory. Yet he made it. Starting linebacker for the Chiefs.

So he’s thanking these guys, and the story is that they failed to reach him. They were doing everything they could to talk him out of killing himself. But the overall tone of this is, "What a great guy! He shows up and he wants to thank the coaches." You had to really search for the first part of this story, and that is that he murdered his girlfriend. It was there. It was not that they hid it, but that didn’t comport with the picture that they wanted to paint about this.

So I think it’s pretty safe to assume that a number of cliches which are untrue will now gain even more agreement, and that is that handguns do not enhance safety. You can show where they do, and I’m sorry if it offends you. You can show where the strictest gun laws in the country have no impact on crime. In fact, the highest crime rates in the country are in those places. You don’t hear about it ’cause it didn’t fit the narrative. It didn’t fit the template.

Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend nine times.

There’s something more going on here than just the fact that he had a gun. And you watch. Before it’s all said and done, it’ll be football.

Concussions, brain injury, and so forth.

Anything to avoid thinking about the reality of the matter and to score political points [after all, Leftist 'wisdom' tells us that everything is political!] so that the Left can increase it’s Power and firm-up it’s control. Anything to pretend that traditions and morality and Right Reason can be ignored without any consequences. Life doesn’t work that way — Karma’s a bitch.

The Left has been successful in undermining everything in American Society only because we have let them. The blame lies with every single one of us. We haven’t mounted a serious, sustained resistance against the forces that would destroy us. Thus, we are all, to varying degrees, Nihilists now, living in a Culture Of Death.

This is why we are confronted with The Present Crisis.

  1. seedofjapheth permalink
    04 December 2012 @ 09:31 09:31

    One of the reasons for the success of the left is that even though they have become the establishment they market their ideas as anti-establishment and trick people into believing they are being rebels by parroting leftist talking points when in reality they are just supporting the status quo.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      04 December 2012 @ 09:36 09:36

      Damn good point.

  2. Rosalie permalink
    04 December 2012 @ 12:03 12:03

    Stacy mentioned steroids and enhancement durgs that the football players use, illiegally of course, in perhaps triggering rage. I never heard that before but it makes a lot of sense.

  3. 04 December 2012 @ 18:50 18:50

    This country has lost its soul. The utter moral confusion among the population has led us to the point we are at, and it will get far, far worse than it is now.

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