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The Conservative Dilemma

01 December 2012 @ 17:58

In a post where he offers some deft commentary on Martin Blackwell’s assessment of the Elections of 2012, Smitty makes this statement at one point:

The need for a permanent campaign was another drum he beat. Politics is NOT my number one priority in life. For the Left, it seems like it may be. There seem to be Statists who view politics as life itself….

For the Left every aspect of life is, indeed, political — it has to be for any Ideologue. This is because an Ideologue sees everything as needing to conform to the system of ideas they have accepted as being necessary for Life to be good and worthy.

The Ideologue designs a blueprint for how Life must proceed and every material to be used in it is governed by the design. Any deviation and the structure risks becoming unstable. Like a building plan, an Ideology must be followed to the letter and, therefore, it has to dictate the specifications for everything needed to make a building efficient [electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.]. Thus, an Ideology must encompass every facet of Life. It must pervade every nook and cranny.

We non-Ideologues reject such an approach to life because we know that a grand design is the purview of a perfect being and we understand that no man is perfect or perfectible in this Life.

The Ideologues insist on interfering with every aspect of Life and the Leftist ones have made great gains in controlling The Narrative is every aspect of Life in America, to the point where we all, to varying degrees, think their way.

Our Dilemma: How do we effectively defeat such an enemy?

Answering this question is crucial if we are to overcome The Present Crisis.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    01 December 2012 @ 18:58 18:58

    Part of the problem is the “atheists” who have found some new false god that is a Cause to work for. Gay “rights”, animal “rights”, or open borders. They have found these ideas, and seek to force them upon us all. They do not wish to give us the option, but instead force their zealotry down all of our throats, claiming it’s “science” or “equal rights.”

    A pox on all their houses!

  2. 01 December 2012 @ 20:30 20:30

    Bob, I’m glad this became a blog instead of staying as a comment. You’re right, it is the big question. Though organizations like FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity work to rally our side, the other side simply has a head start.

    • 02 December 2012 @ 20:15 20:15

      FW and AFP seem to be good organizations, but I think we have to be wary of any that contain ‘old hands’ from the conservative movement of the past several decades.

  3. allen permalink
    01 December 2012 @ 21:08 21:08

    infiltration, disruption, and sabotage.

    they are usually pretty trusting if you use the right keywords, and because of thier “blueprint” they don’t react well to things being changed without them doing the changing.

    transport for the rally leaving at 7:30? send out a last-minute e-mail changing where they leave from, or what time the buses leave. make it look like it came from the person in charge. do this a few times, and volunteers will suddenly leave the group out of frustration. the ones that are left, the “upper management” won’t trust volunteers with ANYTHING because of security concerns. any newcomer will sense this mistrust, and leave after a little while.

    ok, yes, I oversimplified things. it will take more work than that. but you get the idea. a side-effect of this will be to gather intelligence and, with time, know exactly who the “keystone people” are. what was that rule..oh yeah..”“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    we need to stop being so squeamish about using their tactics against them. they hold a rally on some conservative politicians front steps to intimidate him? find out where the guy who organized the rally lives, and do the same to him..WHILE HES AT THE OTHER RALLY. give him the option of running his rally..or coming home to answer to his wife and kids.

    • 02 December 2012 @ 20:14 20:14

      I think some Sam Adams / Sons Of Liberty moves are, indeed, in order.

      • allen permalink
        03 December 2012 @ 02:10 02:10

        the Sons Of Stark are already getting ourselves into position here in NH. there are very few of the progressives meetings we’re not already in on.

        or maybe we’re not, and we just want them to THINK we are. either way, it has the same effect. to them, the noise can be as scary as the real thing

        paranoia can be a real bitch, can’t it?

        • thecampofthesaints permalink
          03 December 2012 @ 08:33 08:33

          Ahhh…a practitioner of *OPERATION: MINDFUCK!*

          Joking aside: perhaps the name ‘Sons Of Stark’ would be a better one to use this time around because so many crazed fools are using ‘Sons Of Liberty’. John Stark should be an inspiration to us all.

          “Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.”

        • allen permalink
          04 December 2012 @ 02:34 02:34

          we have evidence that during the revolutionary war some of Stark’s scouts (including his sons) deliberately hired themselves out to the order to get them hopelessly lost, lead them into ambushes, ect.

          part of the idea for The Sons Of Stark came from a forum about a meeting they were going to crash/hack/disrupt..knowing the other side was monitoring..making the bad guys spend a lot more money on security than they really had to..then not showing up at all.

          didn’t hurt we were at StarK Park in Manchester,NH discussing PSYOPS and intelligence gathering when we had the idea either…we asked John Stark if is was ok and he didn’t rise from his grave and smite us or anything so we took that as a sign of approval

  4. indyjonesouthere permalink
    02 December 2012 @ 12:08 12:08

    The Bill Whittle video presentation at , I believe, the Horowitz gathering is a good start. To actually believe what you say. How many rinos believe?


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