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They Blinded Me With Science

21 November 2012 @ 14:52

There’s quite a discussion going on over at Protein Wisdom [Leftist commentator Slipperyslope's rank idiocy aside] regarding the position Science should have in our lives [in a post about conservative squishes, no less].

This comment by Serr8d is particularly insightful and well-stated:

I’ve no problem with evolution; as a tool for understanding ‘how’ biological entities come and go, it seems to have worked out well, broadly and generally speaking, helping humans and scientists map this little mudball’s fleeting collection of flora and fauna. But there’s more to understanding our existence than mastering any particular tool.

We’ve been lucky, we humans, to have ‘come about’ on a planet perfectly situated in it’s orbital mechanics, to allow occurrence of the triple point of water. And also a perfectly situated satellite orbiting in just the right place that gives us nicely proportioned tides. And that tilt in Earth’s axis? Without that, we’d have no seasons. There would be very little of this planet’s surface habitable if we were a million miles either direction, with no moon, no axis tilt, and no molten iron core that helps keep that Van Allen Belt working, shielding us from the sun’s breath and other cosmic belches. If you were a gambling man, you’d bet against such odds occurring with any one of those elements; to have all of ‘em happening together, in such a perfectly timed fashion?

Modern humans rose to ‘enlightenment’ by benefiting from nicely placed reservoirs of what seems to be fossil fuels; we wouldn’t be so ‘enlightened’ if we weren’t able to avail ourselves of their existence. Another lucky quirk. They won’t last forever, we do have to figure out how to get our energy needs elsewhere. Nuclear energy use needs to be mastered. We just can’t get past the burns; but we must. None of the left’s favored sources of energy can supply our current needs.

Back to our ‘why’: put all of these lucky physical quirks together, shake well, and we get to where we are right now. All were necessary to get us out of caves and into space. Almost seems purposeful, doesn’t it? If there is a grand designer, he’d have to get plenty of kudos and ‘atta boy!’s for his efforts.

Bottom line: there’s more to what we are and how we got here than what any science class can ever explain. Pure science is math and mechanics, explaining the movements of particles that can barely be registered and only inferred by their traces, to the epic movements of galaxies as their centers are consumed by black holes. Purely math and mechanics, our science-as-a-how-tool, one that is no where near good enough to or even purposed to tell us the ‘why’ of why things work.

As someone mentioned, science is now used by moon-struck leftists to bash any reasoning for understanding the ‘why’ things are working; ‘why’ life sparked and keeps working; ‘why’ humans are here. There are huge questions that science doesn’t understand and can never explain.

Exactly. Science is not the ultimate explainer of Life. It is but one of the tools that help us reach a greater understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

Science can now explain what happens chemically in your brain when you fall in love, but it will never answer why you did.

Also: The Left doesn’t want you to ask ‘Why?’

Why? Well, if you do ask ‘Why?’, you start to think for yourself, because asking ‘Why?’ means you have a desire to seek an answer which involves invoking Reason, and to arrive at answer requires that you ask questions, which means you have to think for yourself, you have to invoke Free Will.

The Left doesn’t want you to think, but, rather, to accept their world view, their Ideology, unquestioningly. They demand this self-imposed ignorance because their systems of ideas, conceived and constructed as they are in the sterile laboratories of their own minds, are fragile things by the nature of the way they were created. Leftism was developed in an environment shielded from Reality, an artificial world bearing only superficial resemblance to the actual one. It is a wish, a fancy, a fantastical visionary plan made of nothing but hope, singed with Nihilism. In fact, a requirement for it’s development is a willful blindness be directed to the world as it is, a denial of Truth. To do this requires a rejection of Tradition, Morality, Custom, Prudence — all those things which are essential components of living a proper and satisfying life.

Science has made life better, but it did not do it, and cannot hope to continue to do so in the future, alone.

SIDENOTE: In a later comment Serr8d, warns of the dangers ahead as we continue to elevate Leftism to religious status:

But I suspect eugenics will return, if and when leftists can obtain absolute sway over our destinies. As they strongly desire to attain, a one-Party control system, as has China.

Without Conservatism, eugenics will return with a vengeance.

No doubt about it.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    21 November 2012 @ 22:38 22:38

    Have a great Thanksgiving Bob.

    • 21 November 2012 @ 23:43 23:43

      A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your’s. Make more pumpkin bricks!

  2. 23 November 2012 @ 09:48 09:48

    There is a problem with Darwinian evolution (macro-evolution). I call it the first post-modern myth. Micro-evolution is a fact, but it does not result in a different “kind” of animal. The Darwinian idea of “goo to you” is Darwin’s philosophical meandering and not science.

    Hope all here had a good Thanksgiving.


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