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Pandering Pablum Puke

20 November 2012 @ 08:17

My good Friend In The Ether, Richard McEnroe, makes a damn good point [will wonders never cease] in a comment left on this post by Smitty over at The Other McCain.

The subject is the advocacy by the GOP Establishment and The Conservative Beautiful People like Bret Stephens to suck-up to Hispanics and other such tribes…

The problem with the GOP nomenklatura’s rush to pander to the "urban demographics" is, even if they authorize the goodies, they’ll be handed out at the street level by DEMOCRAT bureaucrats. Wonder who’ll get thanked?

A brilliant observation.

The Socialists have control of the bureaucracies of most city and state governments.

This is just another example of the rank stupidity of these Useful Idiots.

You can catch more of Richard’s rare wisdom and full-time debauchery over at his joint: Three Beers Later.

  1. dandapani permalink
    20 November 2012 @ 10:04 10:04

    I’ve always said that only RATS congregate in cities, DemocRATS!

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    20 November 2012 @ 20:48 20:48

    Victor Davis Hanson
    “If Republicans do not believe in a society in which race is to be incidental, not essential to our characters, and if they cannot stand on such principles, then why should anyone else?”

    Daniel Greenfield remarked on how stupid the Republicans are when it comes to grants and the like several days ago,

    Sultan Knish: Daniel Greenfield: How We Can Win
    ”The Democrats send money down the pipeline, the community groups hand out the benefits and guide their communities through life, while telling them how to vote.”

    “Do we want a chunk of that vote? It will cost us. We will not only have to provide money, which is meaningless because Republican presidents, senators and governors have pumped untold billions into that well, but we’ll have to build the community infrastructure, recruit and empower locals who will then run local organizations that will take the money, provide benefits and route voters our way.”

    “Hypothetically speaking, if the Republicans weren’t completely clueless, their first act after getting their hands on the till, would have been to cut off every single minority organization that’s actually a front for Democratic politics, no grants, no benefits routed through them, no contracts of any kind, while pushing that money through to conservative minority groups.”

    None will be surprised to find Republicans clueless.

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