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When They Kick Out Your Front Door…

19 November 2012 @ 09:22

…How you gonna come
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun?

—The Clash, The Guns Of Brixton

Jeff Goldstein:

Obama has emboldened the building of the new Caliphate; he has weakened Israel; he has supported the growing communist threat in South and Central America — while leaving our borders intentionally unsecured, first to bring in a new dependent Democrat voting block, and second to create the conditions for a new terrorist crisis that will allow the federal government to claim even more police state power. He is set to cut our military, raise taxes to levels that are sure to destroy the job producers relied upon by the middle class, and create a permanent dependency class that will vote in its “economic interests” — namely, for others to subsidize their lives.

Keeping us energy dependent keeps the money flowing in the middle east — where Obama hopes to reverse the “colonialism” he believes is at the root of our previous alliances. He is hoping to weaken the US, manage the decline, and move us into transnational progressive alliances by way of elevating the UN and subverting our Constitution and sovereignty.

Many of us see it — but sadly, many still don’t, including the GOP leadership and many of the Republican governors, who are already looking to cave on taxes without securing a single spending cut; just as they are looking to support the very “amnesty” programs that will only serve to maintain a growing Democrat voting bloc.

All of it is unsustainable. But for the leftists, you need to tear down the constitutional republic if you ever hope to replace it with a managed liberal fascist state.

Will we go quietly, is the only question left worth asking.

Well?…Will we?

My Answer: Not just ‘No’, but ‘HELL NO!’

Sadly, I think most Americans will, but we few — ‘we happy few’ — will not. We are not a majority, but, then again, neither were The Founding Fathers. The key is: we must work together, gather near each other. Our strength will lie in our determination to do Right — to preserve, protect, and defend The American Spirit. And it will lie in our understanding as to just what The United States Of America is.

The Left is determined, as Jeff says, to ‘tear down the constitutional republic’. Well, they’re fools because, unlike any other nation in the whole of human history, The United States Of America is not bound by any boundaries; it is a spirit that resides in the souls of each and every one of it’s citizens. There is no requirement that it remain a confederation of fifty states for America to survive.

The peoples of the thirteen American Colonies, through their representatives in the Continental Congress, declared their independence and formed thirteen sovereign states, allied in a union known as The United States Of America. A few years after the victorious conclusion of The War For American Independence, said people, once again acting through their representatives in their state governments, created a more stable national government under The Constitution, but they never gave up their core sovereignty — they merely delegated certain enumerated powers to the national government and retained all others to themselves or the people. The people reserved to themselves the Sovereignty, the supremacy of authority, the God-given right to self-determination. Thus, they declared that this Republic would be more than mere territory. It would be, and is, a contract between free peoples joined by a set of principles and, thus, beyond any physical restraints.

The Left can tear down and reduce to rubble the physical structures that make-up the current geographical area known as The United States Of America, but, as long as one man believes in The Constitution, they cannot destroy America.


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