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American Agonistes

16 November 2012 @ 15:32

There’s a growing chorus on Right of those that say many of us who are now advocating for stronger resistance against the forces of Leftism in America — including leaving the GOP and/or retreating to certain of the Several States, etc. — are being hysterical, that all that’s happened is that the ‘conservative cause’ has suffered a setback and, gosh darn it, we just need to work harder to convince our ‘fellow Americans’ that we are not bad people, even if that means compromising with the Left on such issues as immigration.

What these wets fail to understand is that the outcome of the Elections held on 06 November were merely the straws that broke the camel’s back for us, that our determination to mount a stronger resistance has been fueled by a long train of abuses and usurpations that stretch back to the Progressive Era. This is no sudden mania that has gripped our hearts and minds. It is the result of us refusing to willfully blind ourselves to the fact that The Constitution has been trampled and lies bleeding in a gutter built with stimulus money.

Jeff Goldstein:

Now, I realize we’re supposed to be talking about giving Latinos amnesty to show we care about their basic human dignity (and what says “we care!” more than granting them a life of dependency financed through government plunder); and that we’re supposed to mend our message so that we aren’t the party of old white people and the rich — the best ways being to agree to tax the millionaire bastards who can afford to pay their fair share, and to court any number of different identity groups through “outreach” that includes promises that we, too, want to protect you vagina, or that we, too, really really like education and teachers.But then, I’m not interested in what “we’re” supposed to be talking about. Because to do so would make me a coward and a scapegoating asshole, too. And while I may be many things, those are not two of them, and they never will be.

Instead, so long as this site [Protein Wisdom] stays live, I’ll be talking about reclaiming our constitutional birthrights. About fighting tyranny, whether it comes in the jackboots of a leftist administrative state or little fuzzy bunny slippers looking out for my kids’ dietary needs.

I don’t do polls. And I don’t stick my finger in the wind in order to appease the general mood of what would otherwise be my target audience. And frankly, what we’re seeing right now from many Republicans, a full-on retreat that I believe in their hearts many of them actually desired, is embarrassing to watch.

This country is, in my honest opinion — and said without an ounce of intended drama — done. Gone. But that doesn’t mean I have to stop fighting.

I take solace in the fact that many of us are left who won’t let the conclusion of this coup come easily.



In the Comments section of Jeff’s post, MoronPundit writes:

After the election, I seriously had to take a day off and lay in bed. I thought to myself, I’m done with politics. I’m done voting.

The thing that happened is that I realized I no longer have an affinity for this country. The majority of the people DO want this. There is no more mistaking it or hiding from it or thinking they just needed more time to see it. They see where we are headed and are eager.

So yes, I agree. It is over. To paraphrase Gibbon, the freedom the citizens of America want most is the freedom from responsibility. It has often been said by men smarter than me that democracy is an untenable form of government and clearly, it has been proven so. Constitutional Republics can work only if democracy never gains the power to change the constitution.

With every increase of the franchise, so increased the majority’s ability to remove the rights they deemed offensive and now we have just a mob that thinks that inner-city homeless should decide tax rates as surely as the captains of industry.

So, we are doomed. Now, I spend most of my time thinking about what haven I’ll run to when it gets too bad.

I empathize, and I’m sure many of you do as well [and I know from experience that my readers are not 'hysterical' or 'manic'].

In the coming days, as we discuss publicly what our next moves should be, expect a good number of our compatriots on the Right, either out of some deep-seated fear-guilt or, as Jeff says, ‘in their hearts many of them actually desired‘ ‘a full-on retreat’, to try to delegitimize us. Expect them to label us ‘extremist’ and/or ‘hysterical’.

We are not.

They are the ones who either refuse to open their eyes to Reality or are more than willing to play the role of apparatchiks in Ameritopia. But, since they and the Leftists have allied to defeat us, it appears we are, truly, the Outlaws [just like The Founding Fathers].


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