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Amusing Bunni Needs Our Help [Updated March 2013]

13 November 2012 @ 17:34

NOTE: This post will remain at the top of the this column until further notice.

Please see below for my latest posts.

12 MARCH 2013:

I need to call on your kindness and generosity once again to help Bunni.

Funds are getting low and she is unable to work.

Curmudgeon has all the details here.

Any amount will help.  As Curmudgeon says: ‘Times are hard for everyone.  If ten folks could donate $10, Bunni would have $100.  If just 50 gave $10…well, you know where the math is going.’

Please help my Bunni Buddy.


I have been very fortunate since I got into this whole blogging thing to have made many Friends In The Ether, but I only have one Bunni Buddy — the Chicago gal who goes by the name Amusing Bunni.

Out of all of the great ladies I’ve encountered in The Ether, she’s the sweetest person and most gentle soul I’ve met.

When you need a smile, when things are getting you down, you can always head over to Bunni’s blog for some easing of your worried mind.

Now, it’s Bunni whose mind needs easing…

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: Bunni has inoperable, terminal liver cancer that has metastasized and has been given but a few more months to live.

As she put it in an e-mail to Zilla:

So, I’m terminal. There are so many tumors in my abdomen, and the liver is enlarged very much, they can’t operate, the tumors and blood vessels are too much and too close, they can’t do chemo, or NOTHING, so I just will be seeing palliative care Dr.’s for medicine adjustments to help with the pain, and then just get my affairs in order and wait to die.

Zilla, God Bless Her, has been speaking with Bunni and convinced her to go public about her situation.

You see, Bunni is not in the best financial condition, as Zilla explains:

Bunni is now (obviously) unable to work and she has mortgage and other bill payments still to worry about and she will need help covering medical and other expenses as well….

While Bunni will be applying for such things as Meals On Wheels and other helpful services, she has no job and will need end-of-life care.

If you could spare five bucks or ten or whatever you can afford, it would be big help in our effort to make our beloved friend’s last days as comfortable as possible and ones where she doesn’t have to worry about any financial worries.

Zilla again:

She needs other things as well, including our love, prayers, and support. Bunni is in the Chicago area so if there is a blogger reading this in or near that region, she would like to talk with you. She’s going to need help finding resources for assistance quickly, so if you are familiar with charitable organizations in her area, please let her know about them or let me know and I’ll pass the information along. Bunni lives with her adorable cat (the one in all those delightful videos) and we are going to need to help her make arrangements for Kittenkins’ care when that becomes necessary.

Please pray for Amusing Bunni and help her in any way that you can.

Zilla has more details here [and you can leave a message for Bunni there as well].

Please help my Bunni Buddy.

Here is her PayPal button:


NOTE: This post will remain at the top of the this column until further notice.

Please see below for my latest posts.

  1. 13 November 2012 @ 18:17 18:17

    Reblogged this on Femininican and commented:
    Our friend Bunni needs our love, prayers, and support, RIGHT NOW.

    • 13 November 2012 @ 18:19 18:19

      The “easy button” reblog function won’t work for my main site, but the extra site is still in a lot of blogrolls so I figured this would help get the message out too.

    • bunni1 permalink
      20 November 2012 @ 21:38 21:38

      Thank you Zilla, for this, and of course to you, too, Bob.
      You have kept this going for a week now, and I love how you keep tweeting your post, and letting me know about Stacy’s tweet too. And,our other friends beautiful posts. It’s a God send to have such caring friends! I consider you my family, and I couldn’t have picked a better one. It’s hard for me to keep up with everything, but you guys are my special watchmen 😉

      Despite getting this awful news 2 weeks ago, (Not to mention it’s been 2 weeks since THAT awful tues. nite) This holiday season, and Esp. Thanksgiving coming up, will be great for me, I’ll make the Holiday’s great this year, because I am so thankful I have all of you guys to call my family! God Bless and have a nice Tues. Nite

    • bunni1 permalink
      12 March 2013 @ 12:08 12:08

      PLEASE GO TO MY BLOG directly,

      I was told it was screwing up on other people’s blogs. THANK YOU 😉

  2. KingShamus permalink
    13 November 2012 @ 18:55 18:55

    Sad terrible awful rotten news.

    Damn you, cancer.

    • 13 November 2012 @ 19:09 19:09

      Yo, Shamus. lemme add you to the Roll Call to show Bunni the loves, OK?

      • KingShamus permalink
        13 November 2012 @ 19:24 19:24

        Please do. I’ll do a post and put it up in a bit.

        • bunni1 permalink
          20 November 2012 @ 21:39 21:39

          Love you Shamus, for all your support, your great post, and your generosity! God Bless!

        • KingShamus permalink
          20 November 2012 @ 22:29 22:29

          Please. It’s easy to say nice things when the subject is a great patriot.

          God bless you, Bunni. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. 13 November 2012 @ 19:18 19:18

    I see posts like this, and yours too Zilla, and my heart breaks because all I can do is sit back and shed tears. I had to rescue two of my grandkids from Georgia’s state supported kidnappers and it has cost me over a quarter million in lost salary and cashed out retirement savings. I’m still trying to dig myself out of a very deep hole and I see things like this and come near to crying because I see someone far worse off than I am and I can do nothing.

    I thank God daily that I have my God, my grandkids and my health.

  4. 13 November 2012 @ 19:21 19:21

    Oh, Dear Bob, you, are truly a SAINT! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful blog post. Your kind words have uplifted my day and raised my spirits in a time that I thought was horrible and hopeless.

    I know now that the love, caring and sharing from wonderful friends on the internet who’ve I’ve never met but have come to love like family, is the most important thing. In fact, you guys are more caring and generous than some of my real life friends! Oh well, times like these you know who has your back, and you and zilla and our other wonderful plas are the BESTEST ever! Kitteh thanks you too, her mom will be less stressed now, that’s for sure.

    God Bless you, and Lots of love your way is being sent.

    • 13 November 2012 @ 20:14 20:14

      There’s a lot of us that love our Bunni Buddy.

      • 08 December 2012 @ 22:09 22:09

        Love you too, Bob, and Again, I am so honored you keep me at the top of your blog, even beofre the lovely ladies of your rule 5 post! Cheers 😉

  5. 13 November 2012 @ 21:03 21:03

    Sending lots of love and prayers to Bunni. Beautiful blog post Bob.

  6. bunni1 permalink
    16 November 2012 @ 23:00 23:00

    PS: Thank you for keeping this post at the top of your Blog, Bob!
    You are the TOPS! God Bless you. Thanks to your readers too, and their beautiful comments, I love them ALL.

    • 17 November 2012 @ 07:25 07:25

      I will bump mine back up and sticky it for the weekend, now that you remind me. The first post on my blog shows in full while the rest shows excerpts. I don’t usually get a lot of action on the weekends but let everyone who stops by be greeted with the BunniLove.
      I hope that you have got some good medicine now and that it’s helping with the pain.
      Love you you and Kitteh from me & all of mine.

      • 08 December 2012 @ 22:04 22:04

        Love you too, Zilla, dear. Finally, some 3 weeks later, the med seems to be helping a bit. Thanks for the prayers.

  7. Karen permalink
    17 November 2012 @ 18:48 18:48

    I tried to post on Bunni’s blog but it kept crashing. So please tell her to contact her local hospice right away. Her doctor can refer her. Hospice will help her control the pain and help her to have the best quality of life that she can. They have doctors, nurses, social services (they have information about financial assistance you might qualify for), chaplains…the hospice I work for even has a fabulous massage therapist and therapy dogs. Hospice is there with you and for you, and continues to be there for your family. Don’t wait. Hospice has a lot to offer. Keeping you in my prayers.

    • 08 December 2012 @ 22:06 22:06

      I am with the Hospice, Karen, have been 2 weeks after I got home from the hospital. The nurse comes a few times a week, and they do offer lots of services. Thanks for the info, and your prayers

  8. 18 November 2012 @ 02:48 02:48

    This is so sad. And I agree with Quartermaster 100%. You really never know how blessed you are until you’ve heard someone else’s misfortune.

    Bunni Sweetie, continue to feed your faith and your fears will starve to death, because the human spirit is much stronger than anything that can happen to it. Don’t be afraid of tomorrow because God is already there! We are praying for you Bunni. Much love to you Sweetie!!!

    • 08 December 2012 @ 22:08 22:08

      Barbra, your comment just lifted my spirit. Thank you for that. I am relying on God, because he guides our steps and controls all. If we surrender to him, and put all our cares and worries in him, there is nothing to be scared of. He has everything planned for us, since before we were born, so I am putting all my trust in the Lord.Thank you for your prayers.

  9. 11 January 2013 @ 12:20 12:20

    Bunnis says in her comments section on January 9 that she feels like she’s “fading”. 😦
    She needs all of our prayers more than ever!

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      11 January 2013 @ 13:35 13:35

      Thanks, Mare.

      Do we know how her Holidays went?

  10. 13 January 2013 @ 23:47 23:47

    Hi Bob, and everyone!
    My holidays were ok, considering. Thanks to Zilla for relaying what I wrote during the week. Yes, as each week passes, I feel worse and worse. My tumors are growing bigger, and my abdomen is swollen so bad now. They can’t operate or anything, so this will continue to happen, and as a result, it will shut down body systems and make my stomach hurt, and digestion bad, and nausea, etc.

    I do need all the prayers I can get, esp. since nothing can be done by the doctors. I just hope I don’t have too many days like the ones last week, it was awful. It really makes me realize how extreme pain will make people so sad and desperate, they just want it to end. Of course, I want to go to the Lord, and if you end things yourself, that won’t happen, so I’m forced to hang in there. I just hope when the end comes, it will be fast, because I can’t stand suffering, and I’m a big baby when it comes to pain.

    I;ll try to write a blog post this week, so people will remember me.
    Thanks so much Bob, for keeping this beautiful post front and center on your blog.
    Your friendship, and Zilla’s and other’s make this awful time bearable, thank you.
    Love, Bunni

    • 25 February 2013 @ 23:39 23:39

      Prayers continue! ❤

      • 26 February 2013 @ 11:10 11:10

        Thank you Benning, much appreciated.

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