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Day Of Decision

06 November 2012 @ 10:00

I’ve got a busy morning in RealWorld™ going on, so let me regale you with some commentary from some of my Friends In The Ether…

Smitty, in a Tweet:

#WhyImNotVotingForObama My oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign & DOMESTIC" applies

Michelle Malkin:

America can’t afford another four years of empty gestures and exploitation at the expense of our economic and national security. It’s time for the poser-in-chief to exit stage left.

Please click here to see Mrs. Malkin’s latest post from this morning.

Pam Geller:

It’s do or die, folks. I do not believe America is so crippled, our young so brainwashed, as to re-elect this monster and enemy of freedom.

It is clearly a no-brainer, and therein lies the problem — so many no-brainers are voting, misled by a completely corrupt enemedia. But this is America. And I believe.

Pray. Hard.

I predict a Romney victory. Make. it. happen.

Richard McEnroe, in a Tweet:

#Obama2012 I will vote against you for the one million lives taken this year by abortionists.

William Teach:

And, for today, I still keep my prediction of a 48% chance of riots by liberals if Obama loses. Why? Partly because liberals are unhinged loony tunes. Let’s refer back to the beginning of the article

…Democrats admire and sympathize with the president….

Actually, the adore and worship Obama (and Democrat politicians). They treat him like a rock star, like a Hollywood celebrity (he’s kinda like Paris Hilton during her heyday: famous for being famous, but never does anything that really matters). They are entirely too invested personally in his re-election. They forget that Obama is a politician. And for the most part, one has to be very leery of politicians. Oh, and did I mention they’re unhinged?

Republicans have no illusion that they’re voting for a politician. And no matter the enthusiasm and respect, we understand that they are politicians.

By the way, William has an excellent aggregation going that he will be updating. Thanks, Admiral.

Stacy McCain:

…Mitt decided to go big or go home, and this is perhaps the only reason that he’s still in the game on this final Monday.

If he had played it safe, Romney would have lost. As it is, he’s got a chance to win…

From his latest report over at The American Spectator:

There has been endless talk, much of it speculative in nature, about which party was doing better among early voters, but the ultimate Republican edge could come down to the old-fashioned Election Day turnout. Yesterday, Republican National Committee political director Rick Wiley sent out a memo bragging that Republicans "are poised to blow the Obama campaign out on Election Day thanks to a superior GOTV program and a historical GOP Election Day advantage."

Is that a mere boast? It’s hard to tell, but the smile on the face of RNC chairman Reince Priebus seemed entirely genuine last night when he appeared on Fox News and told Greta Van Susteren: "We’ve got all the energy on the ground and the Democrats don’t."

And our energy ain’t green…it’s red, white, and blue.

Ross Kaminsky:

…As I said to a neighbor who asked me what I would do on Election Day, "I have two young children. It would be utterly irresponsible of me to vote for anyone other than Mitt Romney." This nation simply cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama. By that I do not just mean financially, though that is vitally important, but also in terms of the fundamental relationship between the citizens of the United States and our government. Barack Obama has moved us rapidly (speeding up a process in which politicians of both parties have been complicit for generations) toward all becoming wards of the state, dependent on handouts and the beneficence of politicians and regulators. This must stop, or we will no longer be even vaguely recognizable as the free nation that our forebears pledged their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" to create.

In this election, we face a stark choice. Not just between two men or two political parties. Not even just between two very different sets of policies and priorities. We face a choice between two opposite and incompatible futures for our nation. It is too optimistic to say that we are at a fork in the road. Rather, we have already taken the wrong fork in the road and are heading deep into a jungle where our money will be devoured by ravenous political beasts goaded by their union owners, and our freedom will be restrained and then crushed by the strangler figs of the bureaucratic regulatory state.

But looking through the trees, we can still see, no doubt off to our right, the path that leads out, into the sunshine of liberty and free markets, to a nation where adults are expected to make the most important decisions for themselves and their families, where politicians and those whose votes they are trying to buy do not consider your success the same way a leech considers a pulsing ankle vein, where your relationship to your government does not mirror your pet’s relationship to you, hoping to be given food, shelter, and a pat on the head in return for nothing more — and nothing less — than obedience.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Likely Voter, I ask you again, as you look down at your ballot, Who Are You?

-Rick Santorum, via Quin Hillyer:

"As dispassionate as I think I can be, I just think it’s such a different election than it was four years ago," he said. "Our base is clearly more energized now than it was four years ago. Romney in the last month clearly has done a good job making people more comfortable that he’s more than up to the job of president. I keep going back to the fundamentals: The fundamentals of his campaign are really good. I don’t see any reason why Romney won’t win."

Glenn Reynolds:

Ultimately, the question is whether "a lot of people" will be enough people to overcome Obama’s own showing-up mechanisms, which include unions’ formidable get-out-the-vote operations and the still-extant remnants of organizations like ACORN.

There’s no way to know the answer to that until next week. But if the answer is important to you, I have one suggestion: Show up.

Jeff Goldstein:

…get out and vote in record numbers. Let’s make it all a non-issue by beating this guy’s ass so badly that the moldering carcass of Frank Marshall Davis feels it and has to roll over from the pain.

NOTE: Take some sort of camera with you when you vote in case you witness any hanky panky.

True The Vote has an app you can download here that will aid you in reporting any such incidents. Also, you can send any pics or video to people like @Instapundit, @MichelleMalkin, or Brietbart News.


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