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It Would Not Surprise Me…

02 November 2012 @ 19:55

…if the following scenario laid out by Jeff Goldstein came to pass over the next few days…

Worth quoting in full:

“Pentagon: Secret U.S. military commandos deployed to Libya”

If you thought Obama wasn’t going to give the orders to kill somebody — anybody, really, so long as they can be tied to the Benghazi attack in some plausible way — before the election, you haven’t been paying attention to this guy’s playbook. This, again, is another of those crass moments where I have to say that I told you so. This man is a political animal through and through. And as such, he’s as predictable as a sunrise and lies as naturally as he breathes.

I expect a somber news conference to be called, where he spikes the football for allowing special forces units to go clean up his mess — perhaps on the same day his hagiographic movie is released, the one in which Obama’s gutsy call forced a reluctant SEAL Team 6 to go take-out Osama bin Laden.

This will be used as a last-minute effort to trumpet his foreign policy seriousness and resolve. And it will never be framed, by a dishonest and politically motivated media, as akin to a garbage-time touchdown after the game had already been lost by a coaching staff completely outclassed by a bunch of militants they refuse even to acknowledge exist.

Perhaps the commandos will be unable to find anybody who participated in the attacks until Wednesday. Which, wouldn’t that be a damn shame.

How sad is it that we have reached the point in America where such a thing happening is not seen as fantastical?

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