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Fear And Loathing 2012: I Hear The Drumming

31 October 2012 @ 09:24

The recent crap that has been going on in RealWorld has prevented me from linking up Stacy McCain’s latest set of reports from THE BATTLEGROUND! STATE! OF! OHIO!!!.

Per usual, he’s been providing top-notch shoe leather and Gonzo reporting from The Mother Of Presidents — you might say, ‘Our Hawkeye is doing one heckuva job in the Buckeye’…you might say it…I won’t.

Stacy filed a Ground Game Report over at TOM last night, with pics. A highlight:

This is my third trip to Ohio. I was here in August right after Paul Ryan was announced as the vice-presidential choice, and came back again in late September, when some polls claimed that Obama was leading by 10 points. With a week to go, I believe Romney’s momentum is still increasing, and I think the polls are substantially underestimating how much difference this fired-up grassroots effort can make.

Indeed. As Adjoran puts it in the Comments over at TOM:

This is how the vaunted "preference cascade" forms. It’s not an instant tsunami which suddenly destroys everything in its path with sheer power. It’s more like a dam failure, which starts with a tiny crack and trickle or a little water going over the top. Like Reagan in 1980, once the public was assured by the debate he wasn’t the nut Democrats and media said he was, it turned into a torrent.

An excellent point. I well remember that point where it became clear that The Raygun has demolished the set of lies that claimed he was a doddering loose-cannon extremist cowboy and people became comfortable with him. Young and wet behind the ears though I was in 1980, I felt the pro-Reagan vibe building in intensity in the last week or so of the Campaign. People who never talked politics were suddenly mentioning RR positively. It was rather thrilling, especially for those of us who had been involved in the ’76 Campaign [going door-to-door for him in a town where the Dems outnumbered the Republicans by six-to-one was one helluva 'teachable moment' for a fifteen-year-old].

This morning, Stacy also filed a report over at The American Spectator. A highlight:

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Stormy weather wasn’t enough to prevent George Cullen from canvassing for Mitt Romney this week. Monday, while Ohio was hit by cold wind and rain, the Clermont County resident knocked on 25 doors — but that’s about half his average daily total, and Cullen has been knocking on doors in the suburbs of Cincinnati for the past five weeks.

While the conservatives he speaks to during his door-to-door visits are "energized," says Cullen, "A lot of them don’t want to do early voting. They’re traditionalists. They want to wait until Nov. 6."

Republicans are encouraging early-voting, but when Cullen tries to push this during his canvassing trips, he says, many of the conservatives tell him, "Don’t worry. We will get there [on
Election Day]."

A West Point graduate who served six years in the Army, Cullen is now one soldier in another army of grassroots volunteers who are determined to make a difference here in what all acknowledge as the crucial battleground of this presidential campaign. The question is whether supporters of Romney can match the vaunted Democrat "ground game" that helped President Obama carry Ohio by a quarter-million votes in 2008.

Certainly those groups like the TEA Party and AFP are giving it their all.

You can read all of Stacy’s reporting by clicking here.

I leave you the Five Most Important Words In The English Language: HIT THE FRIGGIN’ TIP JAR!

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    31 October 2012 @ 10:42 10:42

    Don’t charge. Marching fire. Every time the left foot strikes the ground, shoot.

    Keep moving forward, and we win.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      31 October 2012 @ 10:49 10:49

      Yes, sir!

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