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#IdiotSpotting – @SophiaBush

23 October 2012 @ 09:53

I had heard of this semi-obscure actress at some point in the last few years and only remembered her name at all because, at that initial encounter, my brain decided to screw with me and make me think she was THAT Bush gal in the entertainment business who was related to the Bush Family of political fame and infame [actually, it was Lauren Bush, daughter of Neil, niece of George W., who recently married David Lauren, so now her name is Lauren Lauren].

It seems The Other Bush Gal [as I'll designate her for the purposes of clarity here], Mzzz. Sophia, decided to end her silence, ala Mark Twain, and let us all know that she is a total, absolute, and unrelenting simpleton / chump / nincompoop in the thrall of Leftism – the refuge of many a stupid person.

You can see all of her Tweets here and here at Twitchy [I couldn't make it through them all and retain my what semblance of sanity I have left]. I must say that the depth of her witless cretinism and the width of her denseness is somewhat breathtaking. Oh!…and I can tell you that this physically attractive woman’s vagina holds no interest for me [me!…Mr. Rule 5].

Stacy McCain decided to take on this mealy-mouthed mental midget once The Other Bush Gal decided to get in Michelle Malkin’s face [not that our Boudica needed any aid, but it was the Gentlemanly thing to do and comes natural to conservative men].

Typical Stacy, he turned this specific case into a ‘teachable moment’.

A few highlights:

Last night, after I filed my American Spectator column about the debate — strategically, a win for Romney — I was kind of randomly browsing Twitter and saw Michelle Malkin having a war with someone named Sophia Bush.

It went on for a while, raisng the obvious question: “Who is Sophia Bush?” I mean, Malkin’s a New York Times bestselling author, a syndicated columnist, New Media entrepreneur, Fox News contributor — a genuine somebody — so why is she arguing with this person I never heard of?


…thanks to Eve Ensler and the feminist movement, women like Sophia Bush have been persuaded that constantly talking about their vaginas in public is not only healthy and normal, but that anyone who is offended is a crazy right-wing extremist. The world has been turned upside down, so that the values are exactly reversed, and the crazy vagina-talking think themselves fit to lecture others about “respect” and “civility.”Although tempted to invoke my scrotum to settle the argument — “How dare you disrespect the First Amendment rights of my scrotum?” — this is unnecessary, as my point is simply this: The Left routinely defies all traditional norms and societal values, while reserving to themselves the right to be as indignant as a Victorian prude should anyone speak to them discourteously. It’s really just a crude totalitarian power-game, an expression of Marcusean radicalism, ”liberating tolerance,” and it takes a strong mind to resist being lured into that Humpty-Dumpty alternative universe where words mean whatever the Left says they mean.

Well, to hell with the niceties, you see: Raw mockery is what they deserve, and I’ll make damned sure they get all they deserve. So I went right to work on Sophia Bush….

And, boy, did he ever.

Do take the time to click here and watch a Master fillet a dotty fish.

  1. 26 October 2012 @ 07:22 07:22

    Damn Disqus is giving me static, so I’ll post my comment here, Bob:
    ‘Hollywood Women for Obama’ – shouldn’t it be Hollywood Vaginas for Obama? Then (insert name of your least favourite male leftoid actor here) could join in, too.


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