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Regarding Impeachment…

19 October 2012 @ 14:30

No one would like to see this dangerous man named Obama impeached for his numerous and relentless violations of his Oath Of Office, but I agree with the comments by Smitty, SDN, Adobe Walls, and Adjoran in a posting over at The Other McCain


…There is no way under the sun, even if Dingy Harry were removed, that the precedent for turning the end of a Presidency into a legal probe is going to happen. You don’t want that precedent. Even for #OccupyResoluteDesk, who is hopefully the most atrocious piece of work this country ever suffers.So…keep that in mind in just over a fortnight, when you get to cast your portion of the judgement on this sad little tool.


The precedent we are afraid of setting dates back to the Roman Republic: if an official is prosecuted after leaving office for policy actions while in office, they won’t voluntarily leave. Undo the policy, fine; pardon those who were harmed, also fine. It’s a slippery slope even for actual, personal crimes.

That’s one of the reasons not even Obama would appease his rabid supporters by hauling Bush, Cheney, or any Cabinet members up on "war crimes", since all the so-called crimes were crimes only because the other party was doing them.

Also, no Administration with any smarts would want such prosecutions to be used against them after they left office [this position is related to the Ex Post Facto Provision of The Constitution].

It should be noted, however, that elected officials who didn’t plan to leave office [ie: those who planned to overthrow their present system of legitimate elections] might proceed with such prosecutions once they had been re-elected, IYKWIMAITYD.

-Adobe Walls:

While perhaps not criminal trials, …extensive and exhausted investigations need to be launched into every nook and cranny of the executive branch. The usual Republican habit of deciding to only look forward and ignore the perfidy of their predecessors simply will not fly this time. Failing to do that is how we wind up with people like Holder in even higher office than they held in their last criminal rampage. Shedding light on all of the excesses of the choom gang part duh is crucial to undoing the illegal actions that will become institutionalized if simply ignored as is usually done. Shedding light on the rodents who’ve been burrowing into the civil rights divisions of every department not just DoJ not to mention the ATF is only way to begin the process of making the case for their abolishment.


This. We need full investigations, but prosecutions are a misbegotten idea if we’re talking about the official acts of an elected official. Any criminal violations uncovered should be referred to the U.S. Attorney.

And since part of the necessary fix for our fiscal woes involves a serious downsizing of the federal bureaucracy, there is a sound policy reason to dig into all these agencies’ functioning.

Just as we do not want to create a precedent for prosecuting Presidents for taking certain political actions while in Office, at the same time, however, we want to send the strongest possible message that certain official acts of a President should and must not be seen as setting any precedents for Presidents of any party in the future.

Adj is quite right in his second paragraph about such investigations being vital tools in the dismantling of the national government behemoth.

-Adobe again:

Getting convictions could be problematic for actions that aren’t specifically criminal by statute.

The purpose of the investigations would be 1) to totally destroy the reputation of people like Holder after they’ve served at lower levels in an administration. When Holder was first proposed for AG the overwhelming reaction from Senators and the public should have been hey isn’t he that guy who believes terrorists and bank fraudsters should get presidential pardons?

The future Holders, Samantha Powers and Elana Kagans of a decade of so from now are in this administration today. They will leave government for the moment with the regime change and get a sinecure at some NGO or university. They must be investigated and exposed after the proggies lose the White House. Their names must be made so toxic that no group or institution would employ them. Exposing the truth about them will force them underground or at least under a bridge. Ideally they’d die of starvation or exposure.

The second and perhaps more important purpose of these investigations would be make the public aware of the damage that mid and lower level political and career appointees due. The over reach and abuse of power by department bureaucrats who are exceeding their authority daily is destroying this Republic. Making the public aware of the minor and major tyrannies perpetrated against them daily by the Bolshevik’s minions who are left behind after every Social Democrat misadministration are crucial to making the case for the massive die-off of government required. If the greater public truly understood the chronic abuse of power that so much of government enables they could be more amenable to abolishing many of the offending institutions.

I see nothing wrong with making those enemies of The Constitution wear a figurative Scarlet T on their suits for the rest of their lives, as long as they refuse to truly repent, ala Whittaker Chambers.

-Barack Hussein Obama has committed impeachable acts as President. He is worthy of being drummed-out of office merely for his ruling by Executive Orders, which are clearly violations of his Oath Of Office. However, if we succeed in electing Mr. Romney, it will be time to leave Obama to the judgement of Mankind and, if there is any Right Reason still around when those judgements are written, he will be seen as the dangerous and destructive Traitor to The Constitution he is.

But, if Obama is re-elected, then the souls of those Americans who came before us will demand that we take the necessary steps to Impeach this man. But that would get very, very messy — we’ll have enough on our plate at the point [eg: debt, repeal of Obamacare, Iran, and the Middle East]. Better we do everything to see that Obama does not win the Elections on 06 November and that we get control of both Houses of the Congress and then we launch the necessary investigations.

  1. 19 October 2012 @ 14:59 14:59

    There is a bright line separation between the prosecution of a former, or sitting, official for crimes vs. prosecuting that same individual for unpopular policies. In the first case, the dignity of the law requires that no individual be above the law. In the second, the mandate of the people resides with the elected administration and that mandate must not be held hostage to mere policy disagreements. This is a Republic, not a democracy.

    If Obama can be proven to have failed to meet Constitutional birth requirements, or to have accepted bribes, disclosed state secrets for an enemy power, he MUST be impeached and the term of his office is irrelevant.

    Impeachment is certainly not indicated for Obamacare, for his hiring practices, or his politics. That judgement will be the domain of historians.

  2. 19 October 2012 @ 15:14 15:14

    Great! Thanks for taking the time to include the TOM comments along with your own, Bob. So many valuable thoughts languish in Facebook posts and Disqus columns that deserve a wider hearing.

  3. loopyloo305 permalink
    19 October 2012 @ 16:37 16:37

    If we do not find some way to hold a man who has ignored and broken every law he doesn’t like, and most that he wanted others held accountable for, then we by our very inaction, set a precedent that there are some who are above the law because we would rather let it go than stir up a pot of hornets. I realize that stirring that pot will cause a lot of pain and cause a lot of trouble, but it will remain a danger until we do something about it! Sorry for the hornet analogy but if we don’t do something it is not going away, we are just postponing it until someone else comes along and tries the same thing and the results may be fatal for our country then! God bless you Bob B.

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