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The Spin Stops Here…

06 October 2012 @ 16:46

…pours itself a drink [without asking] and sits in my chair in the Living Room [aka: The Honorary Archie Bunker Chair].

Well, Spin, get ready for some cold shots of 100-proof Reality, courtesy of some of my Friends In The Ether and some of the Right’s best minds.

-Let us start off with Smitty, whose prose in a recent post is reaching poetic levels.  He has his take on the debate that is anything but shaping ‘by a twirling or rotating process.’  A highlight:

…what you saw was the Longsuffering Black Man endure Yet Another Beating from the Usual Male Suspect of European Extraction. If you’re a dunce [who is] the most oversold thing since Java, you have to assume the lamb-like, sacrificial role, as you fearlessly stand for Progress and Prefixed Justice (racial-, reproductive-, class-, economic-, voting-, sexual- —it doesn’t matter). You have to turn Mitt into a preppy Pontius Pilate, out to crucify the Chicago Savior for being unable to overcome the sins of BeelzeBush the anti-Clinton. In other words, avoid any head-on, factual confrontation, where your naked nethers would be too glaringly obvious, and go for the passive-aggressive play.

One Quibble, Admiral: I want to state for the record that I whole-heartedly encourage King Barack The Unready to charge head-on into the next debate, Narcissism-a-blazing.  You’re a chump, er, champ Barry — act like one.

-In the Comments section of Smitty’s post, my Friend In The Ether Adjoran recommends for our consideration Roger L. Simon’s post over at PJMedia.  It is worth a read.  A highlight:

What we have before us in these debates is an almost archetypal confrontation – between a man who was and is an exceptionally good father and a man who was deserted by his.

Good fathering is the story of Mitt Romney’s life. He has five sons who are, by all accounts, devoted to him and vice-versa. These boys grew up with a father who, although wealthy and successful, worked like a demon, doted on them, and apparently devoted an extraordinary amount of time to charitable work, in which he also involved them. Indeed, I’ve never heard of a politician who did anything quite like it.

Almost the polar opposite, Barack Obama’s father abandoned him twice and then ended up an irresponsible drunken victim of multiple car crashes. This sad behavior precipitated a search by Obama that brought him in contact with several father surrogates, notably Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright, that it would be hard to brand as anywhere near satisfactory. (Davis was a pornographer and about Wright the less said the better.) No Mitt Romneys there.

While I tending to think that Novelist Simon is running a bit with his imagination, the theory is well-worth some contemplation because, let’s face it, Barack Hussein Obama is one strange man who was never in any normal situations during his formative years.

SIDENOTE: I am currently reading Paul Kengor’s latest investigative tome, The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis – The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor, and it’s my goal to provide snippets from what I’ve read from time to time.  While I’m still in the 1930’s and just at the point where Davis became to full-fledged, card-carrying member of the CP-USA, it is already evident that FMD is one twisted individual.

Donald Douglas:

The left’s stupidity here is so heavy it almost hurts…. [Bob: ‘Fifty Shades Of Barry’?]

Frankly, the stench of desperation has overtaken the radical left’s fever swamps of Obama worship. President Clusterf-k was outed as a rank presidential imposter. The only argument worth credibility is that in the end the debate won’t matter much at all. That may be true. But it’s no consolation to those who are investing in a presidential incumbent who’s clearly been spending way too much time reading from teleprompters in between making “eye candy” visits to his gal pals on “The View.”

And let us not forget, the vast amount of time Barry spends ‘golfing’.

-Donald also has Michelle Malkin’s take on Hannity, which is spot-on [and fun].

-Ice-T has weighed-in with some advice for Lord Barry Of Choom [tip of the fedora to Instapundit and Jammie Wearing Fools]:

-Stacy McCain reminds us of the Epistemic Closure of the Leftist Mind.  A highlight:

The Left’s reaction to Wednesday’s debate and Friday’s job report illustrates why the political conversation in America has become so hopelessly discordant. We are not arguing about two candidates or two parties, but two worldviews. Bad news for President Obama challenges the belief system of the Left; it is not enough for them merely to dispute facts, they must destroy the bearers of bad news — accuse them of deceit and ridicule them as fools.

I think I’ll pour myself a bourbon and sit back and watch the Lefties lose it as their carefully constructed fantasy wall comes tumbling down.

-Over at Protein Wisdom, Jeff Goldstein masterfully derides all of the Leftist theories as to why The Anointed One did so bloody awfully in the Debate, and he does so in a Linkapalooza that will take your blogger breath away [also, if you want a good laugh, check out Darleen Click’s latest here].

In another post, Jeff turns the /sarc up to eleven and delivers a swift, and perhaps deadly, kick to one of my theories [this is worth quoting in full]:


Not in the racist way, of course, but, well — just go with it.

New theory:  Obama lost the first debate as part of a larger strategy to win the next two (presumably after Biden is left sputtering for some absurd hyperbole by Paul Ryan and his magic slide rule of freedom).

Obama is playing three-dimensional chess on a holographic, tritium-illuminated chess board made from a space-aged combination of supercompressed Solyndra-designed solar panels and the recycled excess carbon exhalation of the polluting masses too dumb to recognize his long-war strategy, a board so advanced that only he (and I) can see it — all while stupid, ill-informed, Republicans (and, disappointingly, a lot of very very smart progressives) believe Romney scored some “victory” rather than what he actually did.  Which was set himself up for the colossal upbraiding he’s going to receive next time, now that Obama has cagily — and with the mastery of a seasoned poker player — coaxed the dull ex-Governor to reveal his laundry list of lies. Cards on the table.  All in!

Romney’s win was at a game of checkers, or a single hand of cards.  Obama’s genius is that he’s playing celestial chess as a grand game of high stakes, all-night poker — and Romney doesn’t even know it.  Nor do the stupid stupid Republicans who follow him.  Or the very very smart progressives who fell pray to the same post-election spin that so emboldened the very very stupid Republicans.  But that’s an anomaly, that synchronicity of misreading. Because progressives tend to be very very smart, while Republicans are very very dumb.  So. QED.

Anyway, this gambit — having Romney expose his ugly, twitchy Queen and her gaggle of bitchy, aristocratic lies — gives Obama license to come out next time as his likable and confident self — who among us, for instance, didn’t have our hearts are warmed recently by the brave and candid concern the One was willing to show, in a 2007 speech punctuated in godly gesticulations and cadence of a man possessed of a love of justice, for those in New Orleans whom the Republicans left to rape and then eat each other in the Superdome after Bush caused Hurricane Katrina? — and we’ll almost certainly hear all about the 47% gaffe from Romney, for which the confused and now falsely confident GOP hairpiece will be entirely unprepared to respond.

And even if he does, what can he possibly reveal about Obama that the typical American debate watcher doesn’t already know — a benefit of running the most transparent campaign ever, and of having a media that vets every candidate carefully and thoroughly?

Obamais now unshackled.  If Mitt Romney can lie, Obama — in keeping with his notorious pragmatism — will recognize the importance of lying and will beat the amateurish Romney at his own game.

And then?

Checkmate full house straight flush!

(But if that doesn’t work, don’t forget to stuff the shit out of the ballot boxes!)

Thank you, sir; may I have another.

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  1. M. Thompson permalink
    06 October 2012 @ 17:58 17:58

    Keep going, but don’t get over confident. Why wouldn’t I be surprised if some precincts end up with some “missed” ballots this November?

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