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Trevor Loudon: Exposing Leon Panetta

29 September 2012 @ 17:11

Much like Edmund Burke who understood the importance of and believed in what The Founding Fathers were fighting for, New Zealander Trevor Loudon appreciates how it important it is that the people of The United States Of America rise up and effect a restoration of their freedoms and liberties.

He is a tireless fighter against the Totalitarian Left who is fearless in taking on the lies and misdirections they propagate.

His site, New Zeal, is a must read, as is the Wiki he started, KeyWiki, which really should be named Leftipedia because it’s a collection of valuable information on the personalities and organizations who populate the Left across the globe.

His is currently on a speaking tour of America, where he is providing us with much background information on our Leftist enemies.

A case in point is his recent speech in Oregon, where he gives is the 411 on Leon Panetta’s Marxist background.  Dame Maggie Thornton has the video of his remarks and comments:

New Zealander Trevor Loudon…speaks at this rally about Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and who he really is. This is a life work for Loudon. Not so long ago, when Panetta was going through the Senate confirmation process, Trevor and others including GulagBound’s Arlen Williams and Terresa Monroe Hamiton at Noisy Room, sounded the warning bell, loudly and clearly. Bet you don’t know half of this about Panetta. About 10 mins-in, Loudon says we must keep our eye on military. It’s being hollowed out. Thousands of good men are leaving because of Obama policies – and one day we’re going “to wake-up and there ain’t gonna be nothing left.” This is another one to send viral….

Indeed it is.






  1. 29 September 2012 @ 19:20 19:20

    Thanks for linking Bob. I think of Trevor as an American Treasure even though he is a New Zealender.

    • Rosalie permalink
      29 September 2012 @ 19:25 19:25

      He’s much more of an Amercian than O.

  2. 29 September 2012 @ 19:59 19:59

    On September 11, 2001, people around the world said “Today, we are all Americans.”

    Trevor Loudon is one who meant it.


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