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The Wolverine’s Call: ‘Outlaw!’

26 September 2012 @ 14:45

A pledge by Jeff Goldstein:

Here’s my pledge, for as long as my heart can hold up: I will fight to return the US to a constitutional republic with a stable and equitable rule of law. As a father and an actual patriot, it’s the least I can do, both for my children and every person wishing to be free. Those who seek to oppose me don’t represent me. There are no “compromises” to be made with tyrants such that the tyranny is two-ply and more gentle on my ass. These “progressives” are enemies of liberty. They are saboteurs of our Constitution. They are the creeping forces of incremental tyranny disguised as the face of “tolerance” — when in fact, they only tolerate what it is they believe in. All else is “hate”. And, as with Islamism, you either submit or you die (though in our case, the death is metaphorical, and usually brought about through regulation, bullying, shame, and coercion).

This is the semantic game and it comes down to the control of language. I’ve tried desperately and persistently to sound the warnings and to illustrate the points, but my arguments aren’t terribly sexy when one can get outraged over Jessica Alba’s empty-headed bimbosity.

Whatever. The rest of the “influential conservative” sites can poke through polls or nitpick over some now completely pedestrian bit of media spin or offer their anti-”purist,” realistic strategies and tactics for elevating the next Party-chosen “pragmatic” placeholder for “our side” into office.

It probably pays the bills and gets them the networked links that drive traffic, and for that I can’t blame them. Still, let’s be frank: it doesn’t do dick to address the root of the problems molesting the ideas and ideology upon which this country was founded. At least, not if you view this country as a classical liberal republic worthy of reclamation, or individual autonomy as a birthright. And make no mistake: the idea of natural rights is the next to go.

I’m fed up.

Aren’t all of us who won’t submit to the Totalitarians, be they Mohammedin or Transnational Progressives.

Aren’t all of us who won’t be cowed into complacent silence by the Pragmatic Priests of the Right.

Jeff calls himself an ‘Outlaw’*. Those of us who won’t be lapdogs for The Conservative Beautiful People and who won’t become Winston Smiths for the Left or enslaved Dhimmis of the Mohammedins are all Outlaws.


*FYI From Wikipedia:
The word "Tory" derives from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe;
modern Irish tóraí: outlaw, robber or brigand, from the Irish
word tóir, meaning "pursuit", since outlaws were "pursued
men". It was originally used to refer to an Irish outlaw and
later applied to Confederates or Royalists in arms.

Toryism is a traditionalist and conservative political

  1. 27 September 2012 @ 08:52 08:52

    Almost sick with fear, at the headlines this morning…


  2. theebl permalink
    27 September 2012 @ 13:22 13:22 Here is a bit of good news. Cheer up!

    And I agree, let’s keep on fighting.

  3. indyjonesouthere permalink
    27 September 2012 @ 13:53 13:53

    As I’m a bit of english, irish, and welsh I can certainly join the outlaws. The real problem for the progressives is that their support stems solely from buying loyalty with taxpayer dollars. They have to find more ways to funnel more money to their non productive loyalists in order to maintain their position of power. Money, money, money is the only motivational call of the free shit army. Producing anything is beyond their ability. Eventually the SHTF and I need only disrupt the free shit army transfers. And if you have prepared it is much less inconvenient for the outlaws than the FSA. Let the progressive politicians get drug under by their voters. Even the mainstream media can’t ignore it when they’re burning the city and thus burning up the government and government approved NGO’s. So ya, burn,baby, burn.

  4. M. Thompson permalink
    27 September 2012 @ 17:51 17:51

    Remember the spirit of ’76!


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