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The End Of The Affair: The Left And 1st Amendment

26 September 2012 @ 10:20

For nearly a century, up until recently, the American Left have been the rabid supporters of a very broad interpretation of the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.

In their fanatical quest they have scored many victories. In fact, one could argue that they have succeeded in having the courts take the interpretation to it’s logically absurd ends, so that practically every action, no matter how vile and distasteful, is now categorized as ‘Free Speech’.

However, over at least the past several decades there has been a slow separation occurring between the American Left and it’s long-time mistress. The first rumblings of trouble in the marriage began with the Feminist Movement, which insisted that certain terms were offensive. Relations were made worse by the Political Correctness Movement, which resulted in certain gestures and phrases being banned or criminalized in Society. Throughout all of these domestic troubles, however, the Left still demanded that the First Amendment protections be extended in other areas.

No longer.

In the last number of years, the American Left has abandoned it’s mate and begun the process of full divorce.

In just the past few weeks, we received indications that they believe that the split has been finalized.

I speak, of course, of their new-found and publicly stated advocacy, since the 11 September assassinations, of the banning, by law, of certain ‘offensive’ Free Speech. It would seem the American Left has turned on their old soul-mate with a vengeance.

Over at The Other McCain, Smitty reports and comments on an article written by Committed Leftist Eric Posner in which the latter states, cutely, tries to use conservative arguments that were employed against a broad interpretation of the First Amendment to, in so many words, justify . What is left unsaid is my Posner is just who would decide what restrictions of Free Speech to impose. Funny, eh, how the American Left, now that they control all of our institutions is now advocating for restrictions on Free Speech.

It’s quite interesting that the American Leftists have now become the leaders Anti-First Amendment Movement. One has to wonder if they ever were in favor of a broad interpretation of said Amendment or if it was just merely another means to their Utopian end, one that they no longer now see as useful so they have discarded it. Did they lead the charge for a broad interpretation before they had achieved power and control over all of institutions just because it was a useful tool to undermine American Society?

The one phrase that keeps resonating in my head right now is: ‘by any means necessary’. I wonder why.

SIDENOTE: The reason the First Amendment attained it’s national, all-encompassing importance was because of the passage Fourteenth Amendment which has been interpreted to apply The Bill Of Rights to the several states. Before it’s passage, each state was subject to it’s own bill of rights and Amendments 1-10 of the US Constitution applied only to the national government. As The Constitution Of The United States Of America: Analysis And Interpretation states [1992 Edition, page 1667]:

…But the expansion of the Bill of Rights to restrict state action, especially the religion and free expression provisions of the First Amendment, afforded the Court an opportunity to base certain decisions voiding state policies on these grounds rather than on due process.

I think there could and should be a healthy debate on the Right about this interpretation — forget about having one with the Left, as the fact that they are ideologues does not allow them to engage in reasoned debates.

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