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Bob Gets Blocked By @MattKLewis

24 September 2012 @ 21:05

Well…it’s Little Matty is throwing a tantrum and blocking anyone on Twitter who defends Michelle Malkin against the baseless charges brought against her by Lewis.

As I Tweeted to Mrs. Malkin just a few minutes ago:

The Only Question That Remains…

What was it that got me blocked by Little Matty

A) This comment I left in repose to his embarrassing attack on Michelle Malkin:

It is sad to see that such an intelligent man [who I have often quoted favorably at my site – see:…%5D beclown himself as you just have.

People like Mrs. Malkin, if you listen to them, are only supporting Mr. Romney as the lesser of evils in this race. She did not want him to be the Nominee, but he is. And she and many of us will vote for him only because the alternative is so bloody awful.

Name a single instance where Michelle Malkin has been, like Ann Coulter is, a shrill or a hack for Mitt Romney.

B) This Tweet I sent out shortly thereafter:

C) Both, along with sniffing Jim Treacher’s jock strap.

You know I don’t really care to know the answer.

I’m just honored and privileged to have been in the same company as the #execrable Michelle Malkin.

For more: check out the Twitchy post on all of this.

Hey Matt!…

…it’s Dog Track Time.

  1. 24 September 2012 @ 21:11 21:11

    I miss all the fun…not blocked at my end, but then again, I have yet to get into an argument on Twitter…

    Then again, I guess I don’t miss all the fun, cuz that sort of thing stopped being fun for me several years ago. Good to see you keep your wits about you, Bob. Hope you’re doing ok, think of you and yours often.

    • 24 September 2012 @ 21:13 21:13

      It wasn’t my intention to get blocked, but he did it. What thin-skin. I thought the comment I left on his post was not offensive.

      • 25 September 2012 @ 08:22 08:22

        He did seem to take things badly, right from the start…poor thing…

        • 25 September 2012 @ 20:04 20:04

          Just like Jim Treacher did – must be something in Tucky Carlson’s vending machines over at The Daily Caller.

  2. theebl permalink
    25 September 2012 @ 00:29 00:29

    The scab refs are to the Packers… like the media is to Romney/Ryan.

    And Matt Lewis is even lower than the scab refs.

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