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Of Abuses And Usurpations…And Utter Idiocy

15 September 2012 @ 17:35

The chickens are, indeed, coming home to roost for the Obama malAdministration.  The past five days have seen them laid naked before the world stage as the incompetents, amateurs, liars, and fools they are.

I’ve been sailing through The Ether on a skiff made of Truth to gather some of best commentary on this tragic state of affairs…

-Mark Steyn’s weekly column is a must-read for it’s utterly devastating critique of Comrade Obamnin and his Politburo.  A highlight:

Forget the free-speech arguments. In this case, as Secretary Clinton and General Dempsey well know, the film has even less to do with anything than did the Danish cartoons or the schoolteacher’s teddy bear or any of the other innumerable grievances of Islam. The 400-strong assault force in Benghazi showed up with RPGs and mortars: That’s not a spontaneous movie protest; that’s an act of war, and better planned and executed than the dying superpower’s response to it. Secretary Clinton and General Dempsey are, to put it mildly, misleading the American people when they suggest otherwise.

One can understand why they might do this, given the fiasco in Libya. The men who organized this attack knew the ambassador would be at the consulate in Benghazi rather than at the embassy in Tripoli. How did that happen? They knew when he had been moved from the consulate to a “safe house,” and switched their attentions accordingly. How did that happen? The United States government lost track of its ambassador for ten hours. How did that happen? Perhaps, when they’ve investigated Mitt Romney’s press release for another three or four weeks, the court eunuchs of the American media might like to look into some of these fascinating questions, instead of leaving the only interesting reporting on an American story to the foreign press.

For whatever reason, Secretary Clinton chose to double down on misleading the American people. “Libyans carried Chris’s body to the hospital,” said Mrs. Clinton. That’s one way of putting it. The photographs at the Arab TV network al-Mayadeen show Chris Stevens’s body being dragged through the streets, while the locals take souvenir photographs on their cell phones. A man in a red striped shirt photographs the dead-eyed ambassador from above; another immediately behind his head moves the splayed arm and holds his cell-phone camera an inch from the ambassador’s nose. Some years ago, I had occasion to assist in moving the body of a dead man: We did not stop to take photographs en route. Even allowing for cultural differences, this looks less like “carrying Chris’s body to the hospital” and more like barbarians gleefully feasting on the spoils of savagery.

-Over at The Corner, Mr. Steyn also has some choice words for the MSM and the State Department over the latter’s decision to speak no more about the Benghazi attack, which I commented on here last evening:

…I understand that America has decayed from a land of laws to a land of legalisms but the position that no one at State can say a word about Benghazi because there’s now an FBI investigation, and so it’s a sub judice police matter, and Sergeant Friday has flown out with an extra long roll of yellow “DO NOT CROSS” tape and strung it round the smoking ruins of the U.S. consulate and the “safe house” is stark staring nuts.

This is a security fiasco and a strategic debacle for the foreign policy of the United States, not a liquor store hold-up. What is wrong even with the bland, compliant, desiccated, over-credentialed, pansified, groupthink poodles of the press corps that they don’t hoot and jeer at Victoria Nuland? I know why she’s doing it; I know why Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to suggest that some movie trailer on YouTube is the reason that a mob in Benghazi knows the location of the U.S. ambassador’s safe house. But why would anybody else even pretend to take this stuff seriously? Elderly Soviet propagandists must be wondering why they wasted their time jamming radio transmitters and smashing printing presses when they could just have sent everyone to Columbia Journalism School.

The headline for any story on this should read: Hillary & State Department Take The Fifth.

Michelle Malkin:

I know I’m not the only one who was flabbergasted by Obama’s bloodless Rose Garden appearance following the planned two-part 9/11/12 jihadi attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Late as usual, the president ambled up to the podium 15 minutes behind schedule on Wednesday morning. Teleprompter-less, he spent the majority of his fleeting five-and-a-half-minute appearance with eyes downcast on his script.

With a grim Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looking over his shoulder, Obama delivered a flat, obligatory tribute to the murdered Americans. And then he read these words, drained of any iota of outrage, as if reading a local weather forecast. Or a fifth-grade book report. Or a dinner menu:

“The United States condemns (pauses, looks down) in the strongest terms (pauses) this outrageous and shocking attack (monotone). We’re working with the government of Libya to secure our diplomats. I’ve also directed my administration to increase our security at diplomatic posts around the world.”

Punctuated with noncommittal “uhs” and a pedestrian lilt, he read some more: “And make no mistake (eyes looking down). Uh. We will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people (eyes down, flipping page).”

In a bland and unconvincing recitation, Obama stated perfunctorily: “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.” Looking down at his script again, he hurried along: “We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”

Detached, diffident, aloof and resigned, America and the world saw a eulogizer in chief, not a commander in chief. It was as if something more important were occupying his mind at the time.

And it was. Soon after, Obama scurried onto a plane to Las Vegas for a lovefest campaign rally with 8,000 fanboys and fangirls who cultishly screamed, “I lovve youuuuuu” — interrupting his cool POTUS flow momentarily as he dispensed with a line or two about the bloody disaster in the Middle East. Incurably self-absorbed, Obama lamented that “we” had a “tough day” for a second or two. And then he turned quickly back to the central business of getting himself re-elected.

How dare we demand Barry be distracted from his fundamental transforming of the world!  Obama is a man with a deep vision of the kind worthy of only a god!  It matters not that this god’s vision is full of deep do-d0!  He is The Chosen One, The One We’ve Been Waiting For!  The one with ‘999’ etched on his crown…oops!…TMI.

Jeff Goldstein on the arrival ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base:

I’m too furious to comment on the cynical, craven, political opportunism involved with the very public reception of the bodies of the slain American diplomats being returned from overseas. It’s a show being put on for cameras, yet another nodal point of coverage the left uses to keep its mainstream media outlets filled with the images that they hope the casual voter puts together into a picture of competence, compassion, hope, and change.

This is what a poststructural postmodern political system looks like: it cares not that you can identify its propaganda, just that it can spread it successfully faster than you can combat it. And it has hit upon a strategy for doing so: supplying images and statements to its media arm, refusing to answer questions, declaring criticism off-limits or “politicizing,” and then waiting for the voters to put the whole thing in focus like some hellish squint art poster, as if it is they who has done the hard work of seeing the completed picture hidden in the noise.

There is a method to the Left’s seeming madness — and it is a sad commentary that it works on a decent chunk of our population.

-Allen West, once again, pulls no punches [via Carl In Jerusalem]:

…President Obama’s policy of appeasement towards the Islamic world has manifested itself into a specter of unconscionable hatred.

How anyone can believe this President is strong on national security and foreign policy is beyond my comprehension. President Obama has clearly surpassed former President Jimmy Carter and his actions during the Iranian Embassy crisis as the weakest and most ineffective person to ever occupy the White House.

More from the man, via Stacy McCain and Resist Tyranny:

…“We’re operating in fantasy land,” West said. “What you see coming from President Obama and the Obama administration is what they call dhimmitude in the Islamic world.”


-The QUESTION OF THE DAY comes from Admiral Smitty in two Tweets:

When such a level-headed, laid-back man such as Chris asks such a question, it’s time to take the issue very, very seriously.

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