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We’re Doomed…

06 September 2012 @ 20:05

…if enough people in America think this way:

The only possible power that could be sovereign over me is God — but believing in that is a choice I get to make because I have [whether you believe it originates with God or not] Free Will.  No fellow Human Being or group of Human Beings can ever own my Soul.  They may wrap my physical body in chains, but my Life is my own, it is forever unshackled.

Tip of the fedora to Navy Veteran Smitty, who comments:

While falling under the UCMJ, one understands on is, in fact, government property. You do ‘belong to the government’, and that can mean paying an ultimate price, or dropping this or that portion of one’s self. Personally, I never suffered much more than inconvenience. But for the sake of those who sacrificed way above my level, I’ve got to shout out that these Democrats are one sorry, jacked-up, unworthy lot. While supporting their Constitutional right to be a bunch of potted plants if they want to, these sad little proto-Commies and Marxists have got to be separated from all levers of power, lest their degenerate thinking spread.

Indeed, but as Adjoran points out in TOM’s Comments section:

Unfortunately, as we have seen, merely separating Marxists from power is an ineffective treatment, like cutting out most of a cancer or getting rid of most of an infection.

Quite.  So…what to do with them if we triumph?

  1. 08 September 2012 @ 20:45 20:45

    Wow, that video was super depressing.


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